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Israel blocks $30 million Qatari aid to Gaza

14 August, 2020

Israel has launched fresh strikes on Gaza, blocked fuel imports and restricted the besieged strip's coastal fishing zone.

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza over balloon attacks

14 August, 2020

Israel conducted new air strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip after incendiary balloons were launched across the border from the enclave.

Israel halts Gaza fuel supply over fire bombs

13 August, 2020

In response to the latest round of hostilities, Israel has also closed a goods crossing with Gaza and slashed the territory's permitted coastal fishing zone.

Apocalyptic scenes as blasts ravage Beirut

05 August, 2020

The confirmed death toll stood at 73 at 2:00 am but with more than 3,000 wounded and hospitals struggling to cope, a much higher final count seemed inevitable.

Daytime rocket attack hits Baghdad as Iran FM visits

19 July, 2020

The attack took place in the searing afternoon heat as Iran's top diplomat held back-to-back meetings with senior Iraqi officials nearby.

The Iraq Report: Coronavirus cases spiral out of control

17 July, 2020

While Iraq saw a relatively under-reported spread of Covid-19 in the first five months of 2020, June alone saw a 600 percent spike in infections.

Houthis allow UN team to visit 'time bomb' tanker

12 July, 2020

A breach of the vessel would have disastrous results for Red Sea marine life and tens of thousands of impoverished people who depend on fishing for their livelihood.

UN to hold crisis Yemen talks as tanker decays

12 July, 2020

The UN is holding talks on Yemen as a tanker on a Yemeni coast could rupture, causing disastrous consequences for Red Sea marine life.

The Iraq Report: Assassination of Hisham al-Hashimi sparks outcry

10 July, 2020

Hisham al-Hashimi's killing sparked an outpouring of grief, with many perceiving his murder as the latest manifestation of how powerful Iran-backed militias have become.

Iran-backed militia says PM's actions could bring escalation

08 July, 2020

Tensions have risen in Iraq between the state and Iran-backed armed groups after the assassination of a prominent analyst, whose death the US has linked to such militias.

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