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US charges last American IS suspects captured in Syria

02 October, 2020

Four Americans captured in Syria have been repatriated to the US where they will face trial.

US doubles bounty on new Islamic State leader

26 September, 2020

A $5 million bounty for information leading to the arrest of the new Islamic State leader has been doubled, US authorities said on Thursday.

Dozens dead in IS, govt clashes in Syria's Raqqa

22 September, 2020

At least 28 fighters were killed in clashes between Syria pro-regime forces and Islamic State militants in the northern province of Raqqa.

The Iraq Report: US drawdown will embolden Iran's proxies

18 September, 2020

Iran-backed militias will feel emboldened by a reduction of capable enemies on their doorstep, and could seek to expand their power and influence even further.

Trump 'wanted to kill Assad' after Syria chemical attack

15 September, 2020

Trump had earlier denied reports that he planned to assassinate the Syrian leader.

US confirms planned troop withdrawal from Iraq

10 September, 2020

The US is planning scaling down its military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Syria Kurds transfer some IS-linked foreign families from camp

08 September, 2020

Syrian Kurds have transferred the 'least radical' women and children linked to IS to rehabilitation.

Stop using Islam as the yardstick for white terrorism

07 September, 2020

Comment: On her show, TV host Joy Reid cast Islam and Muslims as the standard for radicalisation in the US, ignoring the country's own violent history, writes Mobashra Tazamal.

US wants Iran, not Russia, to leave Syria: report

06 September, 2020

Despite expanding its military presence in Syria and the Middle East, Moscow is not facing US retribution for its support of the Assad regime.

Osama bin Laden's niece endorses Trump

06 September, 2020

Noor bin Ladin, the niece of slain terrorist Osama bin Laden, endorsed US President Donald Trump in the lead up to the November 3 elections.

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