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Bipartisan US resolution brings little optimism on Syrian anniversary

12 March, 2021

As the tenth anniversary of the Syrian uprising approaches, the US Congress has passed a resolution regarding humanitarian needs in Syria, which observers say brings little cause for optimism.

The Islamic State in Britain

10 March, 2021

Book Club: Michael Kenney's The Islamic State in Britain: Radicalization and Resilience in an Activist Network uses a social science approach to explain why young Muslims become radicalised.

Iraq pegs hopes on Pope's visit, but experts sceptical

08 March, 2021

Despite the apparent success of the papal visit, experts doubt that Iraq will regain popularity in the world anytime soon

Woman's trial in Norway insight into life under IS

04 March, 2021

The trial - the first in Norway of a woman accused of joining IS - has put the spotlight on the role women played in the terror group.

Iraq's long road to justice for the Yazidi genocide

03 March, 2021

In-depth: Iraq has passed a landmark new bill offering reparations to victims of the Islamic State and formally recognising the Yazidi genocide. Survivors say it is an important first step.

Pentagon: US contractor dies in Iraq rocket attack

03 March, 2021

A contractor died when at least 10 rockets slammed into an air base housing US and other coalition troops in western Iraq.

IS claims killing of female media workers in Afghanistan

03 March, 2021

The IS group has claimed responsibility for the killing of three women working for a local radio and TV station in eastern Afghanistan.

Pope says will make Iraq trip despite rocket attack

03 March, 2021

Pope Francis said he will go ahead with his historic visit to Iraq in two days time, after a rocket attack on a military base hosting US-led coalition troops.

Biden to 'downgrade' anti-IS envoy role in US reshuffle

24 February, 2021

The reshuffle is seen as another sign the Biden government is refocusing on other areas of the world.

Florida man accused of trying to join terror group

24 February, 2021

Mohamed Fathy Suliman allegedly travelled to Turkey in 2014 with the intention of joining the Islamic State in Syria.

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