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Biden govt supports repatriating jihadists: US diplomat

10 February, 2021

An American diplomat told the United Nations on Wednesday that new US President Joe Biden supports the repatriation of jihadists and their families to their home countries.

Pentagon: US forces not protecting Syrian oil fields

09 February, 2021

US forces in Syria are focused on fighting the remnants of the Islamic State group and are not guarding oil fields as ordered by Trump, a US defense official said.

Coronavirus pandemic increases risk of IS resurgence: UN

06 February, 2021

The UN report says IS could seek to “end its marginalisation from the news” with a new wave of violence.

Yazidi victims of IS massacres receive burial in Iraq

04 February, 2021

Members of the Yazidi community will gather for a burial ceremony to honour 104 victims, as many more await identification.

US warns HTS leader Jolani he's still 'most wanted'

03 February, 2021

Jolani has embarked on a series of image changes during her period as HTS leader.

Florida man charged with trying to join ISIS

02 February, 2021

Mohammed Fathy Suliman, 33, travelled from Orlando to the Turkish/Syrian border in 2014, where he was arrested by Turkish authorities.

Missiles strike Baghdad airport amid new anti-IS operation

23 January, 2021

No one claimed responsibility for the latest rocket attacks, but the US has blamed Iran-aligned militia factions for repeatedly targeting its assets in Iraq.

US soldier charged with plotting attack on 9/11 Memorial

20 January, 2021

A US soldier was arrested for allegedly trying to help the Islamic State attack targets that include the 9/11 Memorial in New York.

IS militants reportedly behind explosions in central Iraq

19 January, 2021

The explosion was reported by some outlets as US airstrikes on Iran-backed militants in Iraq, prompting US CENTCOM to quickly clear air on the matter.

Tunisia extends 5-year-old state of emergency

25 December, 2020

Tunisia announced a six-month extension of the country's state of emergency, in place since a 2015 attack on a presidential guard bus claimed by the Islamic State group.

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