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US to slash troop levels in Iraq, Afghanistan

17 November, 2020

The US will reduce troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to their lowest levels in nearly 20 years of war.

NATO chief warns of 'high' price of Afghan pullout

17 November, 2020

NATO's chief warned the United States' hasty pullout from Afghanistan could enable the country to become breeding ground for terrorists.

Senate chief blasts Trump troop withdrawal plans

17 November, 2020

Mitch McConnell responded to media reports claiming the Pentagon had received directives to bring back another 2,000 US forces from Afghanistan and 500 from Iraq.

Algeria's constitution amended to allow intervention in Libya

12 November, 2020

Algeria's constitution has long retained that the country must protect its border from foreign attacks but cannot intervene in foreign wars.

IS attack west of Baghdad kills 11

09 November, 2020

At least 11 people, including five members of the tribal Hashed, were killed in an Islamic State militant group attack near Baghdad airport.

Biden victory will not change Syria policy: US envoy

07 November, 2020

There will be no divergence of US policy regarding Syria, even under a Joe Biden presidency, a US envoy said.

Palestinian immigrant honoured for saving Vienna officer during attack

03 November, 2020

Osama Joda, a 23-year-old Muslim immigrant, was hailed as a hero for risking his life to save a police officer during a terror attack in Vienna.

Vienna gunman: IS supporter who 'fooled' the system

03 November, 2020

The 20-year-old attacker who was shot dead by police in Vienna following the deadly assault, was a convicted supporter of the Islamic State (IS) militant group.

Moroccan prison guard killed by IS-linked inmate

28 October, 2020

A prison guard in Morocco was killed by an inmate who was imprisoned for belonging to the Islamic State group.

Why Some Bernie-supporting Arab-Americans are bypassing Biden for Trump

21 October, 2020

Comment: From factory workers to Gen-Zers, a range of Arab Americans rooting for Trump show their communities aren't monoliths, and Biden cannot take their votes for granted, writes Khaled Beydoun.

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