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IS calls for striking of 'Saudi economic interests'

19 October, 2020

The Islamic State group called on its militants to strike the economic interests of Saudi Arabia, which it described as an agent of Israel.

27 Russian children evacuated from Syria's Al-Hol camp

17 October, 2020

Russia has resumed evacuations of Russian children from the Al-Hol displacement camp after operations were halted due to Covid-19.

Syria Kurds release 600 IS-linked prisoners

15 October, 2020

Kurdish-led forces controlling northeast Syria freed more than 600 Syrian prisoners detained over links to IS

Explainer: Who are the Al-Shabab militants terrorising northern Mozambique?

11 October, 2020

A violent rebellion in northern Mozambique has been waged by a shadowy group known locally as Al-Shabab, which a year ago pledged allegiance to the so-called Islamic State.

Taliban endorses 'wise man' Trump in US presidential race

11 October, 2020

Weeks after receiving an endorsement from the niece of former Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, US President Trump has found support from the Afghan militant movement.

Two civilians killed in Baghdad, Anbar explosions

11 October, 2020

A bombing in Baghdad and another in Anbar killed two people in total, Iraqi security sources said.

Two Islamic State 'Beatles' plead not guilty in court

09 October, 2020

Two members of the "Beatles" Islamic State kidnapping cell pleaded not guilty in a US court to charges of conspiring to murder four American hostages.

Trump wants US troops in Afghanistan 'home by Christmas'

08 October, 2020

The Taliban welcomed the announcement as a "positive step" in implementing their February 29 agreement with the US.

Two IS 'Beatles' brought to US to face charges

07 October, 2020

Two IS members dubbed the "Beatles" are to be brought to the United States on Wednesday to face charges.

90 dead as Assad forces clash with IS: monitor

07 October, 2020

At least 90 combatants have been killed in clashes between regime forces and IS groups in the Orontes valley.

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