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Iran gas attack victims say horrors are a warning

20 September, 2020

Iraq's gas attack on Sardasht, a Kurdish town in northwestern Iran, is considered to be the first time chemical weapons deliberately targeted civilians.

Iran coronavirus deaths top 24,000: ministry

19 September, 2020

Iran's covid-19 cases continue to increase as the country grapples with the virus.

US carrier enters Gulf amid sanctions threats toward Iran

18 September, 2020

The move came just days after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed to enforce an arms embargo and other international sanctions against Iran.

The Iraq Report: US drawdown will embolden Iran's proxies

18 September, 2020

Iran-backed militias will feel emboldened by a reduction of capable enemies on their doorstep, and could seek to expand their power and influence even further.

First arrests in Iraq PM's anti-corruption drive: sources

18 September, 2020

The arrests represent a rare instance in which current Iraqi officials are subject to judicial procedures.

Will Sudan's historic deal with rebels finally bring peace?

18 September, 2020

The peace agreement to end devastating wars in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile could be a key turning point in Sudan's democratic transition.

Blast targets 'American' English school in southern Iraq

18 September, 2020

An explosive device damaged the facade of the American Institute for English Learning in the holy city of Najaf in Iraq.

Bahrain Israel normalisation deal: All risk for little gain

17 September, 2020

Comment: Bahrain's decision to normalise ties with Israel is a boon for authoritarianism and autocracy, and one that endangers Arabs both domestically and regionwide, writes Emile Nakhleh.

Scores denounce Charlie Hebdo cartoons in Iraq capital

17 September, 2020

Protesters gathered outside the French embassy in Baghdad to condemn the 'repeated insults from the French media' against Islam's Prophet Mohammed.

Friedman's 'Mrs Israel, Mr Emirates affair' analogy sparks mockery

16 September, 2020

Thomas Friedman's latest take on Middle Eastern affairs has not gone down well.

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