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Turkish soldier killed in cross-border fire from Iran

24 June, 2020

Turkish soldiers were attacked by unknown assailants while carrying out a surveillance and reconnaissance mission close to the Iranian border.

Russia, China seek foothold in Middle East arms market

24 June, 2020

The US dominates arms exports to the Middle East, but Russia and China are vying for influence in the lucrative market.

'Huge' mass grave found in former IS capital Raqqa

23 June, 2020

The total number of civilians killed by the Islamic State group is not known, but regional authorities have found a number of mass graves since the area was liberated.

Jordan rolls out coronavirus electronic bracelets trial

23 June, 2020

A limited number of Jordan citizens will begin trialling the new electronic bracelet, the latest measure to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak.

Trump prepared to 'support Israeli attack on Iran': Bolton

23 June, 2020

Bolton was fired by Trump as National Security Adviser almost a year ago.

Ukraine 'threatens' Iran with lawsuit over downed jetliner

23 June, 2020

In an interview with Canada’s The Globe and Mail, Zelensky said that Iran’s commitments were not only limited to handing over the flight’s black boxes.

Iraq bans footballers for partying during coronavirus lockdown

21 June, 2020

Iraqi footballers Durgham Ismail and Alaa Mahawi have been banned from the national team and were fined for violating Covid-19 restrictions and going to a concert.

Greece announces extension of coronavirus lockdown in refugee camps

21 June, 2020

The Greek government has announced that it will extend a coronavirus lockdown in its heavily overcrowded refugee camps as activists and rights groups protest dismal treatment of refugees

Iraq hospitals 'breeding' coronavirus amid growing health worker infections

20 June, 2020

Doctors in Iraq are contracting Covid-19 in the hundreds, reports suggest, as the country battles the infection.

Turkish air strikes kill 5 civilians in northern Iraq

19 June, 2020

Five civilians and one Turkish soldier are confirmed killed as Ankara launches a cross-border offensive in northern Iraq where it says Kurdish militant group the PKK has hideouts.

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