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UAE provokes anger with 'Independence Day' tweet to Israel

16 April, 2021

The UAE has congratulated Israel on its independence day, an event marked by Palestinians as the beginning of their displacement from their homeland.

Jordan slams Israel’s ‘silencing’ of Jerusalem Muslim prayer call

15 April, 2021

Jordan has condemned Israel for stopping the Muslim call to prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday.

Jordanian woman convicted for insulting king 'receives royal call'

15 April, 2021

A Jordanian woman's conviction for insulting King Abdullah has sent shockwaves in Jordan.

Jordan security court to try 'plot' suspects

14 April, 2021

Jordan has announced that it will put on trial those accused of plotting to destabilise Jordan.

The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human

14 April, 2021

Book Club: Marguerite Richards' anthology of global Muslim voices is a honest recollection of the human experience. From chaos to peace, subjugation to freedom, the 34 personal essays reveal all.

Netanyahu finally permits sending more water to Jordan: reports

13 April, 2021

Amman's request for additional River Jordan water went unfulfilled for weeks.

Hamas elects former head Khaled Meshal as diaspora chief

13 April, 2021

Khaled Meshal has been elected as head of Hamas' diaspora office.

Everyone is talking about Jordan - except Jordanian journalists

12 April, 2021

In-depth: Whatever happened - a coup, sedition, or an overzealous royal family seeking to stamp out internal opposition - one thing is clear: Jordanians will be the last to know.

Jordan's Prince Hamzah spared prosecution despite fresh allegations

12 April, 2021

Despite fresh allegations and a scathing media rebuke, Prince Hamzah will not face prosecution over an alleged coup in Jordan.

Jordan king, prince make first joint appearance since rift

11 April, 2021

Jordan's king and prince appeared together at a mausoleum where their ancestors are buried, for the first time since the alleged 'coup'.

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