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No space for criticism: Jordan's authoritarian shift

24 March, 2021

In-depth: Ten years after the Arab Spring there is no sign of reform, just growing economic and social distress and a reduced space for citizens to express their grievances.

Jordan first country to include refugees in COVID-19 vaccinations

24 March, 2021

As the first country to start inoculating refugees against the coronavirus disease, Jordan is running its vaccination plan despite it struggles to obtain sufficient vaccine supplies.

The cradle of Syria's revolution: Daraa ten years on

23 March, 2021

In-depth: Daraa occupies a unique role in the story of Syria's war. There, in March 2011, what began as a localised protest became the spark that ignited the revolution.

Qatari, Saudi officials deny Israel normalisation plans

22 March, 2021

Netanyahu fuelled speculation that more Gulf states were planning to normalise ties with Israel.

Why Turkey wants Biden to salvage the JCPOA

22 March, 2021

Analysis: As divisions grow among Washington's partners, Turkey will likely stand in the camp of states that see the JCPOA's survival as serving both their national interests and regional stability.

Jordan arrests 200 in protests over hospital deaths

22 March, 2021

A defence lawyer has raised concerns over the administrative detention of protesters.

Jordan makes new US defence agreement public

21 March, 2021

Jordan on made public a defence agreement with the United States that allows free entry of US forces, aircraft and vehicles onto the kingdom's territory.

11 bullet-ridden bodies found 'executed' in eastern Libya

18 March, 2021

Security sources in Libya said 11 bodies were found with bullet holes in Benghazi.

UAE-Netanyahu meeting shelved as Israeli PM irks Abu Dhabi

18 March, 2021

Abu Dhabi is reportedly outraged with Netanyahu's use of UAE-Israel ties to boost his election prospects.

EU to extend Libya arms embargo mission to 2023

17 March, 2021

The EU will extend for two years its Mediterranean military mission to police the UN arms embargo on Libya.

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