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Turkey-backed rebels pledge reinforcements against Syrian regime advance

15 August, 2019

Syrian regime forces are enclosing on Khan Sheikhoun, a key opposition-held village in Idlib that was targeted by a deadly chemical attack in 2017.

Rebels down regime plane, detain pilot in northwestern Syria

14 August, 2019

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham downed a Syrian government plane and captured its pilot, in the first such incident in months.

Regime resumes Idlib air strikes after scrapping ceasefire

06 August, 2019

Damascus and Russia resumed air strikes on Idlib in northwest Syria, scrapping a ceasefire for the rebel-run bastion and accusing the regime's opponents of targeting a Russian air base.

Blast kills dozens of regime fighters at Syria airbase

03 August, 2019

A blast of unclear origin killed at least 31 regime and allied fighters at a military airport in central Syria on Saturday, a war monitor said.

Air strikes stop in Syria's Idlib after truce announced

02 August, 2019

As the ceasefire takes effect, battered Idlib province enjoys respite from the continuous regime and Russian airstrikes that have wreaked havoc on the province since April.

Children killed in regime airstrikes on Syria's Idlib: monitor

06 July, 2019

Syrian regime bombardment has killed 14 civilians including seven children in northwestern Syria, a war monitor said Saturday, in the latest deadly raids on the embattled opposition bastion.

Syrian regime strikes kill four civilians, hit hospitals

04 July, 2019

Syrian regime air strikes on an anti-government bastion in northwest Syria killed four civilians, two of them children, and hit three hospitals already damaged in previous raids, a monitor said.

France says Syria chemical weapons allegations must be probed

22 May, 2019

France's foreign ministry has said that fresh allegations that Syria's regime is using chemical weapons must be looked into.

US suspects Assad regime in new chemical attack

21 May, 2019

The United States has warned the Assad regime of reprisals amid suspicions of another chemical attack.

Scott Ritter has completely lost it on Syria

21 May, 2018

Comment: Once a voice of reason on WMDs in Iraq, Ritter has been taken in by conspiracy theories and propaganda to draw fundamentally flawed conclusions on Syria, writes Stanley Heller.

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