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US-led strikes 'failed to deter' Assad from chemical warfare

18 April, 2018

US-led missile strikes against the Syrian regime have failed to destroy its chemical stockpiles and have not deterred their use in future, Israeli officials have reportedly said.

Assad's regime will return to 'business as usual' brutality

17 April, 2018

Comment: Not only did Trump's much vaunted strikes fail to threaten Assad; they have actually bolstered him, writes James Snell.

Chemical attack probe stalls, claims Russia tampered with evidence

16 April, 2018

Despite Syria and Russia denying involvement in an alleged chemical attack in Douma, OPCW inspectors have 'not yet' been allowed in to investigate.

Chemical weapons inspectors launch probe into Douma attack

16 April, 2018

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is set to meet on Monday, as inspectors in Syria begin their probe into the Douma attack.

Syrian war will go on despite strikes: Boris Johnson

16 April, 2018

British foreign minister said US-led strikes would not put a halt to the Syria war.

The problem is Assad, not his weapons

10 April, 2018

Comment: Assad's genocide, in all its forms, isn't even conceived as being the real problem, writes Sam Hamad.

EU: 'Evidence points' to chemical attack by Syria regime

09 April, 2018

The EU has said the evidence points towards "yet another" chemical attack by the Assad regime.

Russia claims Syria rebels plan to 'stage chemical attack'

14 March, 2018

Assad and his supporters have consistently claimed that chemical attacks were staged and that an army of actors including children had been trained to fake injury on a massive scale.

Russia warns will retaliate if US strikes in Syria

13 March, 2018

Moscow will retaliate against any attack by the United States in Syria that threatens the lives of Russian servicemen, Russia's head of general staff has warned.

Syria regime has 'dedicated helicopter team for chemical attacks'

12 March, 2018

The Syrian military has a team dedicated to carrying out chemical attacks in the besieged Eastern Ghouta region, according to a news report from an opposition-aligned website.

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