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Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns across the Middle East

27 March, 2020

As the novel coronavirus spread across the Middle East, several countries have closed their borders, grounded fights and imposed travel restrictions for both citizens and tourists.

Saudi Arabia's oil war could spell disaster for Iraq

27 March, 2020

Saudi Arabia's decision to flood the oil market could do great harm to Iraq's economy, at a time when the country is already grappling with other major crises.

France to withdraw troops from Iraq over coronavirus fears

25 March, 2020

French trainers working with local armed forced will be pulled out of Iraq over coronavirus fears, Paris confirmed on Wednesday.

Expert warns against 'jumping' on Malaria drug for coronavirus

25 March, 2020

The anti-Malaria medication chloroquine has been approved by Algeria to be administered by medical personnel to treat some cases of coronavirus, but one expert warns against taking such measures seriously.

Coronavirus gives GCC markets a glimpse of post-oil reality

24 March, 2020

Comment: The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the extent to which energy producers are vulnerable to the decline in global energy markets, writes Courtney Freer.

Kuwaiti influencer arrested for promoting fake coronavirus test

23 March, 2020

A 15-minute coronavirus test kit that was promoted on a popular social media influencer's Snapchat account has led to her arrest in Kuwait.

Iraq still in chaos 17 years after US invasion

23 March, 2020

The US invasion in 2003, which promised liberty and democracy, led to the deaths of millions of Iraqis, destroyed much of the country's infrastructure, and established an unstable political system.

Religion in conservative Mideast adapts to coronavirus

22 March, 2020

Leading Muslim clerics have widely backed scientifically-based measures to contain the virus, notably by supporting crowd size restrictions through promotion of home prayer.

Gulf states spend big to buffer coronavirus crisis

20 March, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic looks set to cost the Gulf states billions, just as the region looks to move into a post-oil future.

British ambassador to Kuwait apologises over coronavirus 'charity' tweet

20 March, 2020

The UK embassy to Kuwait apologised after advising Britons stranded in the country without money due to coronavirus restrictions to seek charity.

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