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Taking stock of the anti-Qatar blockade three years later

05 June, 2020

As the Gulf crisis enters its fourth year, fake news and hostile narratives run rife in the region hindering attempts to salvage the GCC's fractured relations.

Kuwaiti influencer launches vile attack on Egyptians

30 May, 2020

Egyptians in Kuwait were dealt a whopping blow this week after an influencer launched a vile attack against what she described as the 'dirtiest community' in the country.

US approves sale of 84 Patriot missiles to Kuwait

29 May, 2020

The US said it has approved the sale of Patriot missiles to Kuwait.

Qatar says Gulf bloc exit rumours 'baseless'

28 May, 2020

'Reports claiming that Qatar is considering leaving the GCC are wholly incorrect and baseless,' Qatar's assistant foreign minister said.

Kuwait Airways to slash 1,500 jobs amid coronavirus pressure

28 May, 2020

Kuwait Airways is laying off a quarter of its workforce as coronavirus piles pressure on the aviation industry.

Coronavirus outbreak detected among Sri Lankan workers from Kuwait

27 May, 2020

Almost 160 Sri Lankans returning from Kuwait have tested positive for coronavirus, including one woman who has died.

Saudi Arabia begins lifting coronavirus curfew

26 May, 2020

Saudi Arabia said it is moving toward a 'post-lockdown normal'.

Syria Weekly: Fears over 'under the radar' coronavirus epidemic

24 May, 2020

Areas outside Syrian regime control remain at a major disadvantage in battling Covid-19, with fears that the coronavirus could be more widespread than is being reported.

Saudi Arabia signals warming ties with neighbouring Iraq

24 May, 2020

Saudi Arabia will reappoint an ambassador to Iraq, a Saudi official said, adding that the kingdom is keen on cooperating with the new government.

Iraq seeks Gulf funds to stave off fiscal collapse

23 May, 2020

Ali Allawi met with his Saudi counterpart in Riyadh on Friday, seeking emergency funds from the GCC to stave off an impending financial crisis in the country.

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