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Expats struggle to get vaccines in Kuwait

04 April, 2021

Despite composing 70% of the population, foreigners in Kuwait struggle to get considered for vaccination.

Saudi Arabia, US back Jordan after 'foiled coup attempt'

03 April, 2021

Amman swiftly received an influx of support from its regional and international allies on Saturday after an alleged coup plot was foiled by authorities in Jordan.

Iraq PM soothes security concern on Saudi visit

01 April, 2021

In a long-awaited meeting, the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince hosted the Iraqi PM in talks surrounding the kingdom's security, as well as tightening relations between the two countries.

Iraq PM seeks closer trade ties on Saudi visit

31 March, 2021

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi has met with Mohammed bin Salman to discuss closer ties and cooperation.

Kuwait's Covid-19 frontliners to share $1.99 billion bonus

31 March, 2021

The draft law will now to go Kuwait's emir for approval.

Lebanon approves crisis funding to avert power blackout

29 March, 2021

An emergency funding of $200 million was approved by the Lebanese parliament to prevent a national power cut at the end of March.

Kuwait receives tons of national archives from Iraq

28 March, 2021

Iraq has sent its third shipment of documents and other items taken during the 1990 Iraq invasion to Kuwait.

Iraq's Jewish community dwindles to fewer than five

28 March, 2021

Despite Jews having lived in Iraq for around 2,600 years, only four remain in the country after the passing of Dhafer Eliyahu.

Coronavirus vaccine does not break fast: Kuwaiti fatwa

24 March, 2021

Taking the coronavirus vaccine does not break the fast, Kuwait's Dar Al Iftaa announced.

Kuwaiti MP proposes constitutional changes to implement Sharia law

23 March, 2021

Kuwaiti MP Saleh Al-Mutairi submitted a proposal to create an amendment to the constitution to uphold Sharia law in the country.

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