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Saudi pro-Israel journalist stripped of nationality appeals to MbS

16 June, 2020

Pro-Israel journalist Hamid Al-Ghabin said his Saudi citizenship was withdrawn and appealed to Mohammed bin Salman for amnesty.

Kuwait to impose '150% increase' on expat visa fees

15 June, 2020

Kuwait will more than double its expat visa fees by September, according to a document seen by The New Arab's Arabic-language edition.

Scores arrested in Bangladesh over Libya migrant massacre

10 June, 2020

Twenty-two suspected human traffickers have been arrested in Bangladesh, suspected of links to the deaths of 30 migrants in Libya.

Detained Kuwaiti transgender woman released after social media backlash

09 June, 2020

Maha Al-Mutairi, who was detained was released Monday night, according to her legal representative.

Kuwait transgender woman imprisoned after speaking out on abuse

06 June, 2020

Social media users rallied around a Kuwaiti transgender woman who surrendered herself to police after she spoke out on her alleged sexual assault at the hands of authorities.

'No response' to Gulf reconciliation effort, Qatar says

05 June, 2020

Qatar's foreign minister said there has been no response yet to its US-sponsored reconciliation initiative with its Gulf neighbours who have imposed a three-year-long blockade on Doha.

Explainer: Why is Qatar under blockade by Saudi Arabia?

05 June, 2020

Today marks the third anniversary of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain still imposing a blockade on Qatar three years later

Taking stock of the anti-Qatar blockade three years later

05 June, 2020

As the Gulf crisis enters its fourth year, fake news and hostile narratives run rife in the region hindering attempts to salvage the GCC's fractured relations.

Kuwaiti influencer launches vile attack on Egyptians

30 May, 2020

Egyptians in Kuwait were dealt a whopping blow this week after an influencer launched a vile attack against what she described as the 'dirtiest community' in the country.

US approves sale of 84 Patriot missiles to Kuwait

29 May, 2020

The US said it has approved the sale of Patriot missiles to Kuwait.

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