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Iraq planning to build nuclear reactors 'for research purposes'

24 September, 2020

Iraq is 'looking forward to restoring its position in nuclear science, which it occupied in the 1970s and 1980s', said the head of the country's nuclear body

Naming Qatar a major non-NATO ally

23 September, 2020

Analysis: The move would be a huge boost to the US-Qatar partnership and another reminder of how the blockade has failed to drive a wedge between Washington and Doha.

Kuwait reinstates anti-normalisation stance after controversial Trump statement

21 September, 2020

Kuwait will not normalise with Israel, a report cited officials as saying, after Trump claimed the country was willing to join its so-called 'peace deal'.

GCC head arrives in blockaded Qatar following Riyadh visit

20 September, 2020

Nayef Falaj Al-Hajraf, the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] landed in Doha on Sunday.

Trump bestows a top honor on Kuwait's ruling emir

19 September, 2020

Donald Trump has awarded Kuwait's ruling emir with a top US honor.

US military strengthens deployment in Syria

19 September, 2020

The US military deployed more war apparatus in the region following tensions with Russia.

US reproaches UAE for failing to 'normalise' with Qatar

18 September, 2020

US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Arabian Gulf Affairs Timothy Lenderking urged Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain to end their blockade on Qatar.

Yemen in Focus: Gulf donors slammed by UN

18 September, 2020

This week we focus on the United Nations rebuke of countries that have failed to follow through on aid pledges to Yemen.

Kuwait offers $20mn in Yemen aid after UN dressing-down

18 September, 2020

Other countries also announced aid pledges during the meeting, but details were not given.

Yemen may 'slide into famine', warns UK foreign secretary

17 September, 2020

Speaking at a meeting ahead of the UN's General Assembly, UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab warned that Yemen is likely to slide into famine.

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