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Do we really need 'women's empowerment'?

08 March, 2021

Comment: All too often, 'women's empowerment' in the MENA and Gulf represents the neoliberal interests of western institutions and their elite Arab partners, writes Shaikha Al-Hashem.

Gender-based violence 'devastates' women across MENA: Amnesty

07 March, 2021

Marking International Women's Day, Amnesty highlights the plight of women throughout the MENA, who struggle with added pressures deriving from the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Kuwait ramps up measures amid spike in Covid-19 cases

04 March, 2021

A one month curfew has been imposed in Kuwait after a spike in Covid-19 cases were recorded on Thursday.

Kuwait ruling emir flies to US for 'medical checks'

04 March, 2021

State media has described Sheikh Sabah's trip as involving "usual medical check-ups". Yet given his advance age, questions abound over his health condition.

Clubhouse app creates a buzz in the Middle East

04 March, 2021

Bringing people together during the pandemic, this newest by-invite-only app is providing a space for Arabs, regardless of background, to partake in discussions that may not always be accessible.

Qatari FM in first post-reconciliation visit to Cairo

03 March, 2021

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani will lead a Doha delegation at a ministerial session of the Cairo-based Arab League on Wednesday.

Qatar's emir, Saudi crown prince discuss future cooperation

01 March, 2021

The Emir of Qatar and the Saudi Crown Prince spoke on the phone to discuss the recent reconciliation and the future cooperation.

Remembering Palestinian poet and author, Mourid Barghouti

26 February, 2021

The world bid farewell to the celebrated poet Mourid Barghouti in February. A champion of the Palestinian cause, Palestinian authors share their memories of the great writer.

Emirati academic suggests 'conditional' end to Qatari media block

25 February, 2021

An Emirati academic suggested an end to the block on Qatari media outlets, but said that monitoring should continue.

Twitter and India play tug-of-war with democracy

24 February, 2021

Comment: In India, an increasingly authoritarian government combined with Twitter's willingness to put stakeholders before users raises questions over freedom of speech, writes Jillian C. York.

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