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The Middle East at war with coronavirus

04 May, 2020

Egyptian workers stranded in Kuwait riot demanding to return home, mosques reopen in Iran, Lebanon eases lockdown measures and Dubai Expo 2020 postponed until October 2021 in today's roundup.

Kuwait police disperse 'riot' by Egyptians stranded by virus

04 May, 2020

Stranded Egyptian workers in Kuwait rioted early on Monday over lack of action from Cairo to help them return home during the coronavirus pandemic.

'Omanisation' to takeover foreigners' jobs by July 2021

29 April, 2020

Omani nationals should replace foreign staff at jobs across the public sector by July 2021, authorities urged on Wednesday.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

29 April, 2020

Turkey's coronavirus cases are beginning to decline and Algeria continues to crackdown on free speech amid strict pandemic measures are some of today's stories.

Gulf airlines evaluate schedules as some Covid-19 restrictions ease

29 April, 2020

Some Gulf airlines were forced to deny rumours they will resume commercial flights from June, whilst others are edging to get operations up again.

Arab economies take massive shocks following oil price crash

27 April, 2020

Economies across the Arab World are expected to face massive shocks, including debt crises and cuts in salaries which could potentially lead to unrest, as oil prices crash.

Oil price lifted by US-Iran tensions after rollercoaster week

24 April, 2020

US oil prices have recovered slightly due to uncertainty in Gulf waters after a disastrous week which saw rates drop below zero.

Trump tweets he's ordered Navy to destroy Iranian gunboats

22 April, 2020

US President Donald Trump said he gave orders to the navy to shoot and destroy Iranian gunboats.

Will Saudi Arabia announce the 'wrong' date for Ramadan?

20 April, 2020

Which day does Ramadan begin? The answer depends on who you ask.

Arab states use AI to tackle coronavirus

16 April, 2020

Arab states have alarmed human rights organisations with the use of artificial intelligence tools to combat coronavirus.

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