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Oman to see fastest economic growth in MENA region

14 January, 2021

Oman is set to be one of the countries to see the swiftest economic recovery from the Covid-19 epidemic.

Kuwait government resigns one month after formation

13 January, 2021

Kuwait's government has been subject to bitter disagreements, leading to its fall on Tuesday.

Banipal announces winner of prestigious Arabic translation literary prize

12 January, 2021

The literary magazine has announced the winner of a translation prize as a Harvard lecturer.

Qatar prepared to mediate between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey

12 January, 2021

Mutlaq Al-Qahtani, special envoy to the Qatari foreign minister, said Doha is prepared to mediate between regional players to achieve peace and stability.

History whispers to blockading states as GCC rift ends

08 January, 2021

Comment: As blockading states agree to end their irrational boycott of of Qatar, Rami Khouri highlights how diplomacy and statecraft also helped preserve the ancient Nabataean Arab Kingdom.

Qatar Airways to fly over Saudi for first time

07 January, 2021

Qatar Airways will fly over Saudi Arabia for the first time since the Gulf crisis.

Gulf crisis: Will reconciliation reshape the region's power balance?

07 January, 2021

Analysis: The breakthrough in resolving the Gulf crisis will have geopolitical implications, creating both new opportunities and challenges.

Israel's Netanyahu, US treasury secretary condemn Capitol violence

07 January, 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the recent violence in the US Capitol as he met with Steve Mnuchin after his trip to Sudan.

GCC plan to resolve transport and trade issues: UAE

07 January, 2021

UAE has announced that 'practical measures, including travel, transportation, trade' will be resolved between Qatar and the rest of the GCC within a week.

End of the rift? The Gulf crisis explained

05 January, 2021

The Gulf crisis has seen three years of ruptured relations among GCC nations but that could be about to change.

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