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Saudi says full ties restored between Qatar, embargo nations

05 January, 2021

Saudi Arabia concluded the GCC Summit by confirming that the embargo between Qatar has been lifted.

Gulf Arab leaders sign declaration with Qatar

05 January, 2021

Leaders signed a new declaration with Saudi Arabia today in steps towards repairing broken ties.

Saudi's MbS says Gulf states sign 'solidarity deal'

05 January, 2021

This news of a 'solidarity' comes as Gulf countries gather in Saudi Arabia for GCC Summit talks.

Trump official confirms breakthrough in ending Gulf crisis

05 January, 2021

It comes after borders between Qatar and Saudi Arabia were reopened.

Turkey welcomes Saudi plans to open airspace to Qatar

04 January, 2021

Turkey on welcomed the announcement that Saudi Arabia will reopen its borders and airspace to Qatar, but called for all sanctions on its ally Doha to be lifted.

Saudi Arabia to end blockade on Qatar: Kuwait

04 January, 2021

Saudi Arabia will reopen its borders and airspace to Qatar, the Kuwaiti foreign minister said, more than three years after Riyadh sealed both and led an alliance to isolate Doha.

Saudi Arabia reopens borders closed due to Covid-19

03 January, 2021

Riyadh has lifted its ban on international flights and access through land crossings and ports, in place since December 21 to limit the spread of a new coronavirus strain.

Gulf crisis resolution in balance ahead of summit

03 January, 2021

GCC states are scheduled to meet in Riyadh for the annual summit on Tuesday, where a much-anticipated resolve to the crisis is expected.

Philippines welcomes death sentence for Kuwaiti who killed maid

02 January, 2021

The Kuwaiti woman was accused of months of abuse and torture ahead of the domestic worker's killing.

Iran chooses Lebanon, Syria as Soleimani legal representatives

01 January, 2021

Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are among the countries chosen to represent Iran through international legal channels.

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