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Cut! Coronavirus pegs back Ramadan soaps

03 April, 2020

Many countries in the Middle East have imposed tough restrictions to curb the spread of the pandemic, forcing studios to shut down temporarily and others to work under strict rules.

Kuwait exports oil from shared Saudi field following dispute

03 April, 2020

Kuwait has announced that it will begin to export oil from an oil field it shares with Saudi Arabia following a five-year break after a dispute between the two countries.

Egypt backtracks on controversial coronavirus policy after uproar

02 April, 2020

Egypt's government backtracked on a controversial coronavirus measure after it sparked widespread public outcry.

Evacuated Egyptians ordered to pay for coronavirus hotel quarantine

01 April, 2020

Egyptians who were evacuated from abroad were angered by authorities' orders to self-quarantine at a five-star Cairo airport hotel at their expense.

Quarantine all foreigners in the desert, says Kuwait actress

01 April, 2020

Kuwaiti actress Hayat al-Fahad triggered an uproar when she said expats should be 'sent out' and 'put in the desert' to free up hospital beds.

Soleimani successor visits Baghdad as Iran-US tensions rise

01 April, 2020

The US and Iran appear to be heading for another major confrontation in Iraq.

The Iraq Report: Coronavirus fight slowed by government paralysis

31 March, 2020

Iraq's governance woes have further exacerbated the country's fightback against the coronavirus pandemic as both Iraqis and militia groups flout the authorities' advice to stay away from crowded spaces.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: March 29

29 March, 2020

Syria and Qatar report their first coronavirus deaths, while Iranian authorities hunt for dozens of escaped prisoners in today's coronavirus roundup.

Qatar reports first virus death, GCC toll hits 11

28 March, 2020

A 57-year-old Bangladeshi national with chronic diseases became Qatar's first Covid-19 fatality.

Britain, US working with Saudis to repatriate citizens

28 March, 2020

Saudi Arabia is working with Britain and the US to fly citizens home.

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