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Lebanon announces third bread price hike in nine months

24 March, 2021

Lebanon hiked the price of bread for the third time in nine months, which the government blamed on a plunge in the value of the local currency.

UN experts call for inquiry into Lebanese activist's murder

23 March, 2021

UN human rights experts have urged Beirut to probe the murder of prominent Hezbollah critic Lokman Slim.

Turkish markets sink after Erdogan fires top banker

23 March, 2021

Turkish currency and stocks plunged Monday as officials tried to stem the carnage caused by Erdogan's abrupt dismissal of his reformist central bank chief.

Amnesty accuses Lebanon of 'torture' of detained Syrians

23 March, 2021

Amnesty International accused Lebanese authorities of "cruel and abusive" treatment of more than 20 Syrians it said had been tortured in prison or during interrogation.

Lebanon PM, president trade blame, as government formation delayed

22 March, 2021

Lebanon's prime minister-designate Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun failed Monday to agree on a new government line-up after months of deadlock, as the country sinks deeper into economic crisis.

Lebanon cabinet talks break down, causing anger and concern

22 March, 2021

Talks on the formation of a new Lebanese Cabinet between President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri broke down, causing anger and despair.

Why Turkey wants Biden to salvage the JCPOA

22 March, 2021

Analysis: As divisions grow among Washington's partners, Turkey will likely stand in the camp of states that see the JCPOA's survival as serving both their national interests and regional stability.

Lebanon's wrangling leaders to meet over government formation

22 March, 2021

Lebanon's president and prime minister are set to meet on Monday afternoon to discuss the formation of a new government, although the situation is not likely to evolve.

Two Americans accused of helping Ghosn indicted in Japan

22 March, 2021

American father and son Michael and Peter Taylor, who helped Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan, were indicted in Japan.

Lebanese mothers protest ruling class to mark Mother's Day

20 March, 2021

Dozens of women in Lebanon took to the streets on the eve of Mother's Day to protest against the country's ruling class.

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