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Macron accuses Lebanon leaders of 'betrayal' over government failure

27 September, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron accused Lebanon's leaders of "collective betrayal" over their failure to form a government in the wake of the giant blast at the Beirut port in August.

Lebanon reels after government formation efforts collapse

27 September, 2020

Lebanon is facing a grim and uncertain future after efforts to form a new government under former prime-minister designate Mustafa Adib collapsed

Lebanese security forces kill nine suspected IS members

27 September, 2020

Lebanese security forces have killed nine presumed members of IS following a hunt for suspects in the August 21 killing of two policemen and the son of a local mayor

Lebanese president's son-in-law, former FM Gebran Bassil contracts Covid-19

27 September, 2020

The leader of the Christian Free Patriotic Movement and President Michel Aoun's son-in-law, Gebran Bassil, confirmed he has contracted the novel coronavirus.

Lebanese army says two soldiers killed by ‘terrorists’

27 September, 2020

The Lebanese army has announced that ‘terrorists’ have killed two soldiers in the north of the country, after a previous incident which saw four soldiers and three civilians killed.

Israel to hold talks with Lebanon on sea border

26 September, 2020

Lebanese, Israeli and US representatives are likely to attend a video conference to discuss the maritime dispute.

Mustapha Adib, Lebanon's short-lived PM-designate

26 September, 2020

Opposition groups representing the protest movement that erupted last year had reportedly rejected Adib's nomination before it was even confirmed.

Lebanon PM-designate steps down amid impasse over government formation

26 September, 2020

Lebanon’s prime minister-designate Mustapha Adib resigned on Saturday amid a political impasse over government formation, dealing a blow to efforts to break a dangerous stalemate in the crisis-hit country.

Lebanon detains man over four slain soldiers

25 September, 2020

The military said the man arrested is part of a 'militant' cell linked to the deaths of four soldiers, two police officers and the son of a local politician.

Lebanon on verge of another garbage crisis, warns HRW

24 September, 2020

Last month's explosion generated huge amounts of debris while causing serious damage to the Lebanon's waste management infrastructure

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