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2020: 10 uplifting stories from the Middle East

31 December, 2020

Marred by the coronavirus pandemic, the year 2020 has been a challenge for all. Here are some stories that provided glimmers of hope.

The New Arab's Most Important Stories from 2020

31 December, 2020

A retrospective of our coverage of 2020's leading stories

MENA's top films and TV series of 2020

31 December, 2020

The New Arab's picks for the best of Middle Eastern films and TV series from a difficult year.

Iran honours Soleimani, killed a year ago by US

31 December, 2020

Iran is mourning the first anniversary of the death of military commander Qasem Soleimani.

Lebanon PM's office backtracks on FBI blast report

31 December, 2020

Diab told journalists a report by the US domestic intelligence agency showed less than a quarter of the reported ammonium nitrate had actually exploded.

Lebanon government says it can only afford six-months subsidies

30 December, 2020

Many Lebanese rely on government subsidies to afford basic goods.

Hackers hit Hezbollah lender Qard al-Hasan, leak accounts data

29 December, 2020

The Hezbollah-affiliated financial foundation was hacked by a group that has published what it claims to be leaked databases of lenders and borrowers.

The fear inspired by Blackwater, US military in Iraq

29 December, 2020

Though Nisour Square was 13 years ago, the release of the Blackwater guards from prison opened up old wounds for the families of those killed, writes Elijah J. Magnier.

Arrests after arson attack at camp in Lebanon

29 December, 2020

The fire on Saturday night tore through the tented shelters of some 75 families near the town of Bhanine in the north Lebanon Miniyeh region, leaving only a charred wasteland.

Lebanon reserving nearly 2 million coronavirus vaccines

28 December, 2020

Cash-strapped Lebanon will pay a $4 million deposit at the deal's signing, expected Monday, as it hopes to cover the remaining $23 million with a World Bank loan.

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