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UN in Libya urges probe after violence at protest

24 August, 2020

The UN urged Libyan authorities to launch a probe into violence that took place against protesters on Sunday.

Dozens of bodies retrieved off Libya coast

24 August, 2020

The Libyan Red Crescent retrieved the bodies of 22 migrants off the coastal town of Zwara on Sunday, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said.

Hundreds protest in Tripoli against dire living conditions

24 August, 2020

Hundreds of Libyans marched in the capital Tripoli on Sunday evening to protest deteriorating living conditions and denounce corruption in the war-torn country.

UN urges Libyan authorities to cooperate with abuse probe

23 August, 2020

A fact-finding team tasked with investigating alleged human rights abuse has been launched in Libya.

Gulf states welcome Libya ceasefire announcement

22 August, 2020

Through UN mediation, all parties should work to "reach a permanent and comprehensive solution to end the conflict in Libya", GCC Secretary-General Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf said.

UN migrant return flights take off again from Libya

22 August, 2020

Most of the 118 passengers on the charter flight from the Libyan capital to Accra were male migrant workers, but seven women, three children and two infants were also onboard.

EU hails 'important and positive' Libya ceasefire deal

22 August, 2020

European Union diplomatic chief Josep Borrell hailed an "important and positive" initiative, adding it was "crucial now that all parties stand by their statements".

Libya: from Haftar's offensive to ceasefire promise

22 August, 2020

Fighting in Libya's nearly decade-long conflict has, since April 2019, killed hundreds and displaced some 200,000.

Libya: several understandings which came to nothing

22 August, 2020

An overview of some of attempted initiatives for peace in Libya, following the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Libya's government announces cease-fire, calls for elections

21 August, 2020

The government announced a ceasefire amid fears of an escalation in violence.

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