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Haftar agrees to lift Libya oil blockade with conditions

18 September, 2020

Rogue Libyan General Khalifa Haftar said the command of his forces had 'put aside all military and political considerations' to respond to the 'deterioration of living conditions'.

What's powering France's amoral alliance with UAE?

17 September, 2020

Comment: Paris has kept its extensive collaboration with the Emiratis curiously quiet. The 2019 revelations on UAE's shadowy behaviour in Yemeni might help explain why, writes Eva Thiebaud.

Turkey offered Egypt exclusive maritime jurisdiction, Cavusoglu says

17 September, 2020

In an interview with CNN Türk, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Egypt's maritime deal struck with Greece had recognised Turkey's 'continental shelf'.

Turkey's Erdogan lashes out at 'incapable' Macron

17 September, 2020

Erdogan and Macron have frequently found themselves in wars of words over conflicts ranging from Libya and Syria to Turkey's maritime dispute with Greece.

Libya’s prime minister to resign amid peace talks

16 September, 2020

based in eastern Libya

Ireland's growing influence in the Middle East

16 September, 2020

Unburdened by the colonial legacies dogging other countries in Western Europe, Ireland has received a warm reception in the Arab world.

Turkey approves new trade deal with Libya

16 September, 2020

Ankara has announced an agreement to boost economic and trade ties with Libya as reports indicate Turkey is pursuing energy exploration in the oil-rich North African nation.

Libya east government head hands in resignation after protests

15 September, 2020

The head of Libya's parallel government installed in the country's east has handed in his resignation following street protests against corruption and falling living standards that turned violent.

Government building set ablaze as eastern Libya protests intensify

13 September, 2020

Protesters in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi have set fire to a government building as anti-corruption protests spread to other Haftar-controlled cities.

Libyan protestors torch eastern government offices

13 September, 2020

Protests began late on Thursday in Benghazi in the east, as anger boiled at regular power cuts, cash shortages and high fuel prices.

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