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Turkey to hold new exercises, hits out at France

27 August, 2020

Turkey will follow up its Wednesday war games staged with a US navy ship with new "gunnery exercises" at the edge of its territorial waters next week, the navy said.

Turkey extends gas exploration in Mediterranean crisis

27 August, 2020

The Turkish navy said it was prolonging the stay of the Oruc Reis research vessel and its accompanying warships in waters claimed by Greece.

Asylum for Sale: The intersection of capitalism and migration

27 August, 2020

Book Club: Through essays, artwork, and photographs, this explosive new book documents the global asylum regime as an industry characterised by profit-making activity.

Greece, Turkey draw in allies in Mediterranean war games

26 August, 2020

As tensions between Turkey and Greece continued to increase, the row between the two neighbours has dragged in their allies.

Amnesty urges release of abducted Libyan protesters

26 August, 2020

Amnesty International called for the release of at least six protesters abducted during a demonstration in Libya's capital Tripoli.

Libya ceasefire: Window of opportunity or doomed to fail?

26 August, 2020

The ceasefire agreement was a rare moment of promise in a chaotic war characterised by foreign interference. But will it succeed?

EU considering actions 'beyond sanctions' against Turkey

26 August, 2020

The EU's chief diplomat will present a set of 'options' to respond to Turkey during an upcoming meeting of European foreign ministers.

Between the lines: Egypt's censorship crackdown targets book translations

26 August, 2020

Egypt's top translation institution has barred foreign books that criticise religion or violate social values, with fears it could extend to political literature.

Libyans protest corruption, living conditions for third day

25 August, 2020

Voicing anger at extended shortages of power, water and fuel in the oil-rich North African country, the demonstrators marched through the capital again on Tuesday and converged on Martyrs' Square.

UAE sends warplanes to Greece for joint drills

24 August, 2020

The UAE is the latest country to show support for Greece amid a tense maritime dispute with Turkey.

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