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Mauritania cracks down on opposition parties after disputed election

25 June, 2019

Mauritanian police raided the headquarters of two opposition parties, closing one of them, amid high tension followed a disputed outcome to presidential elections.

Egypt anchor asks Arab how he speaks Arabic

25 June, 2019

An Egyptian sports anchor has been mocked on social media for asking a football fan from West African state Mauritania where he learnt to speak Arabic.

Ruling party candidate declares himself victor in Mauritania vote

23 June, 2019

Government candidate and frontrunner Mohamed Ould Ghazouani has declared himself the winner of the first round of Mauritania's presidential election, after 80 percent of the votes had been counted.

Mauritania votes in first election since independence

22 June, 2019

Some 1.5 million people will head to the polls on Saturday, with many hopeful that the West African nation will see its first democratic transition of power since independence.

Saudis express support for embattled UN Yemen envoy

10 June, 2019

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister expressed support for the UN envoy for Yemen, a UN spokesperson said, amid a falling-out between the envoy and the Saudi-backed president of Yemen.

Former Mauritanian lawmaker calls for restoring Qatar relations

14 May, 2019

A former leading member of Mauritania's ruling political party has called on the country's president to restore relations with Qatar and work to resolve the ongoing Gulf dispute.

Israeli NSO Group 'behind' WhatsApp, Khashoggi, Qatari emir hacks

14 May, 2019

Israeli technology firm NSO Group has come under criticism again for providing the code used to hack phones through one simple WhatsApp call.

Merkel urges EU to find political solution in Libya

02 May, 2019

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the importance of finding a political solution to Libya’s ongoing conflict.

Mauritania 'to execute' extremist killers of American priest

10 April, 2019

Three Salafis have been sentenced to death penalty for murdering an American priest in 2009.

War-torn Libya misses out on Africa Cup place

02 April, 2019

Burundi, Tanzania, Namibia and Kenya will all take to the AFCON field, while Israel and Turkey both got their Euro 2020 campaigns off to a flying start.

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