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France maintains Sahel force to 'decapitate' Al-Qaeda groups

17 February, 2021

Macron pledged to keep French troops in the Sahel region of western Africa, to help to "decapitate" Al-Qaeda-linked insurgent groups.

France meets Sahel leaders as it mulls troop drawdown

13 February, 2021

France and five allies meet next week to discuss the Sahel's jihadist insurgency.

Morocco prime minister denounces Polisario 'media war'

12 February, 2021

Morocco has denied that three of its soldiers were killed by the Polisario Front, casting the claim as propaganda.

Western Sahara's Polisario Front attacks Guerguerat border area

24 January, 2021

The Polisario Front bombarded the Guerguerat buffer zone in an overnight attack slammed by Morocco as "propaganda war".

Trump's 'time ran out' for Mauritania, Indonesia normalisation deals

21 January, 2021

The two Muslim-majority nations were 'next in line' to normalise ties with Israel, two senior officials said this week.

Western Sahara's Polisario says ready to talk

20 January, 2021

The Polisario Front said that it was willing to join talks on the Western Sahara's future, but would not lay down its arms.

US envoy visits Western Sahara after Morocco-Israel deal

09 January, 2021

The US is set to open a consulate in the contested Western Sahara.

Algeria seizes nearly $100,000 militants' ransom cash

29 December, 2020

The defence ministry said the cash was an "instalment of the ransom" paid out in a controversial October agreement.

Couscous added to UNESCO list following Algeria, Morocco agreement

18 December, 2020

Couscous, a staple dish in both Algeria and Morocco has been given the UNESCO treatment

How Morocco-Israel normalisation could push Algeria closer to Russia

15 December, 2020

Analysis: Threatened by Arab-Israeli normalisation deals and US recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, Algeria's ties to Washington could weaken as it moves closer to Russia.

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