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Mass rally in Yemen's Taiz over Macron's anti-Islam remarks

01 November, 2020

Thousands of protesters gathered in Taiz in support of Islam and its Prophet Muhammad on Saturday, amid rising tensions between Muslims and France.

Macron faces backlash after claiming 'secularism never killed anyone'

01 November, 2020

Amid global outrage at his remarks on Islam, Emmanuel Macron appears to have dug his heels in with his latest comment.

Macron wavers on cartoon stance amid global backlash

31 October, 2020

In an apparent bid to reach out to Muslims, Macron gave a long interview setting out his vision to Qatar-based TV channel Al-Jazeera, seeking to strike a softer tone.

France seeks to uncover Nice attacker's links

31 October, 2020

French authorities are seeking to ascertain whether the young Tunisian man suspected of killing three people inside a Nice church had outside help.

ACRPS' Arab Opinion Index reveals huge opposition to normalisation

06 October, 2020

Just 13% of Sudanese people and 6% of Saudis are in favour of recognising Israel, a wide-ranging survey of Arab political attitudes has revealed, despite their regimes verging on normalisation.

Pilgrims to converge on Senegal's holy city despite virus

04 October, 2020

This year's Magal, a mass religious festival of a powerful Sufi Muslim order, has raised fears of a potential superspreader event in Senegal's second-largest city.

White House staffer tests Covid-19 positive after UAE-Israel signing

17 September, 2020

US President Donald Trump revealed that a White House worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Five Arab League countries in talks with Israel revealed

17 September, 2020

US President Donald Trump has said US-brokered normalisation deals are close between Israel and 'five or six' other Arab countries.

Sri Lanka tea storm swirls around Lebanon president

09 September, 2020

Critics see it as yet another example of official corruption in a country reeling from the August 4 explosion.

Toppled Mali president flies to UAE for medical treatment

07 September, 2020

Mali's former president was toppled in a coup last month.

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