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Qatar pledges $50m for youth jobs at Lebanon summit

20 January, 2019

Qatar has pledged $50 million to create jobs for young people in the Middle East at an Arab economic summit in Lebanon, local newspaper al-Sharq reported.

Lebanon calls for Syrian refugees’ return at Arab summit

20 January, 2019

Qatar’s ruler attended the summit, which has been marred by divisions over readmitting Syria to the Arab League.

Qatar emir attends Arab economic summit in Lebanon

20 January, 2019

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani arrived in Beirut on Sunday and left after attending the opening session of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit (AESD), Lebanese state media reported.

Lebanon foreign minister urges Arab League to readmit Syria

18 January, 2019

Syria, whose membership was suspended by the Arab League in 2012, was not invited despite demands by allies of Damascus in Lebanon.

Mauritania president to visit Damascus for Assad meeting: reports

28 December, 2018

Reports have emerged that Mauritania's president will visit Damascus amid efforts to return Syrian regime head Bashar al-Assad to the diplomatic arena.

Europe's deals to stem migration empower corrupt officials

21 December, 2018

Populist European efforts to end the flow of people into the continent see billions of euros heading to north African governments, reports Habibullah Lamin.

Progress in Western Sahara yields new commitments to 'self-determination'

14 December, 2018

After direct talks, the latest UN-sponsored negotiation on Western Sahara ended with US pressure mounting to resolve the conflict. But how long will this really last?

Algeria president calls off meeting with Saudi crown prince

03 December, 2018

The Saudi crown prince left Algeria without meeting with the country's leader on Monday after President Abdelaziz Bouteflika cancelled, reportedly due to 'ill-health'.

Widespread criticism meets Saudi crown prince in Algeria

03 December, 2018

A group of Algerian intellectuals, journalists and Muslim scholars denounced the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Algeria on Sunday.

Saudi crown prince lands in Mauritania for post-G20 stopover

02 December, 2018

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has landed in Mauritania, on his way back home from the G20 summit in Argentina.

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