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'Turning point' reached in fight against African militants: Macron

23 December, 2019

France and five allied countries say they have reached a 'turning points' in battling Islamist militants.

Morocco redraws maritime boundaries through Western Saharan waters

17 December, 2019

Morocco's lower house has passed two bills which expand its sovereign territory - one which redraws its maritime boundaries and the other which defines its 'exclusive economic area'.

UNESCO recognises cultural heritage of Middle East's date palms

11 December, 2019

Date palm, and its traditions and practices, has made it on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.

US security agents helped UAE build 'secret spying unit'

10 December, 2019

The UAE’s DREAD programme was initially created in 2008 to track terrorist elements and had the blessing of the US, but the unit has since fallen under scrutiny.

Boat carrying migrants capsizes near Mauritania, killing 58

05 December, 2019

A boat carrying at least 150 Gambia migrants has capsized near Mauritania, after days of being stranded without fuel. At least 58 have died, with survivors swimming to shore

Saudi Arabia unveils 2020 Dakar Rally route

21 November, 2019

Saudi Arabia will host the gruelling Dakar Rally in 2020.

UN hopes to maintain 'momentum' in Western Sahara talks

03 October, 2019

The UN secretary general hopes to maintain 'momentum' in finding a solution, despite the fact that there is currently no UN envoy for the territory of Western Sahara.

Burkina Faso: Islamic State and Al-Qaeda's new sanctuary

04 September, 2019

Comment: Porous borders, extreme poverty and easily available weaponry help make Burkina Faso an ideal refuge for Islamic State, write Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner.

Mauritania blogger 'saw sun six times during five-year detention'

07 August, 2019

A Mauritanian blogger released last week after more than five years in jail has said he only "saw the sun six times" during his incarceration over blasphemy charges.

Qatar faces highest water stress in the world

06 August, 2019

Countries in the Middle East make up nine out of ten countries facing the highest water stress in the world - meaning taps are close to running dry.

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