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Morocco launches drones to fight coronavirus from the sky

06 May, 2020

Morocco is using imported and locally produced aerial drones to enforce lockdowns and issue warnings amid the coronavirus pandemic, although this has been criticized by human rights officials

WATCH: Two Moroccan families battle with swords in Fez

05 May, 2020

A dispute between two families in Morocco's Fez city on Friday resulted in a street sword fight, authorities confirmed.

Algeria rules out IMF borrowing to ease financial woes

02 May, 2020

Algeria will not approach the International Monetary Fund for assistance, despite a financial crisis amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

28 April, 2020

An Arab-Israeli doctor is leading the charge against coronavirus in the country, and sad news as Turkey police shoot Syrian refugee dead during curfew. Here's your coronavirus news.

Gay Moroccans 'outed and abused' after photos leaked online

28 April, 2020

Gay men in Morocco are facing abuse and homelessness after being kicked out by family members following a targeted abuse campaign to 'out' their dating app profiles.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus

25 April, 2020

In today's roundup: Iranian officials fear "fresh outbreak" of coronavirus cases, Etihad airways extends suspension of flights and Tunisian government turns to students for help to fight Covid-19.

Hundreds test positive for coronavirus in Morocco prison

25 April, 2020

Morocco's prison authorities confirmed 270 cases of the virus among detainees and staff in Ouarzazate, on top of cases in at least three other facilities in the country.

Global remittances could plunge $100 billion over coronavirus epidemic

23 April, 2020

Millions in the Middle East send remittances back home.

Covid-19: UAE telecom firms report decline profits

22 April, 2020

The UAE's two telecom firms reported declines in profit as a result of the novel coronavirus disease.

Whistleblower awarded $11 million, exposes UAE gold refinery corruption

18 April, 2020

A whistleblower who had feared for his life has been awarded millions of dollars in damages after he found irregularities in a UAE gold refinery company's finances.

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