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Morocco bans customary kissing of king's hand amid coronavirus

13 March, 2020

Judges sworn in to Morocco's constitutional court did not approach King Mohammed VI and kiss his hand, as is normally customary.

Influential Moroccan rapper tackles domestic violence with new song

08 March, 2020

Domestic violence was the topic of a new song by a popular Moroccan rapper that was released on this year's International Women's Day.

Remembering the Middle East victims of gender-based violence

08 March, 2020

#IWD2020: From Saudi Arabia to Palestine, women in the Middle East are fighting against gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

Inside the untold history of revolutionary Muslim women

07 March, 2020

#IWD2020: This International Women's Day, it's time to celebrate the untold stories of history's boundary-breaking Muslim women.

Moroccan #MeToo helps women to break silence

07 March, 2020

Morocco's Masaktach movement gives voice to victims of sexual abuse to speak up and share their experiences.

British men caught smuggling 100,000 masks out of Morocco

06 March, 2020

In one incident, a lorry driver attempted to smuggle 77,000 face masks, before customs officials discovered the items in a cargo port east of Tangier.

Morocco reports first coronavirus case amid MENA outbreak

03 March, 2020

Morocco’s health ministry declared on Monday its first coronavirus case, the latest Arab countries to see an outbreak of the potentially deadly disease.

Hezbollah opposes bid to legalise medical marijuana in Lebanon

28 February, 2020

Lebanese parliament's joint committee approved legalising cannabis cultivation for medical purposes.

Macron to halt entry of foreign imams to France

19 February, 2020

Macron said the government sought to combat 'foreign interference' in how Islam is practiced in France.

How Sudan is ingratiating itself with Trump through Israel

13 February, 2020

Comment: Despite fierce public opposition, leaders in Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia know their path to the US lies through Israel, writes Rose Worden.

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