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French Muslim council agrees accord on Macron's controversial 'principles'

18 January, 2021

France's Muslim federations agreed Sunday on a "charter of principles" requested by President Emmanuel Macron in his bid to eradicate sectarianism and extremism.

Morocco awards Trump for role in Israel normalisation deal

17 January, 2021

Morocco awarded President Donald Trump, Chief White House Adviser Jared Kushner and the US’ Middle East Envoy Avi Berkowitz for their role in Rabat's normalisation deal with Israel.

What's behind long-awaited Palestinian polls?

16 January, 2021

The announcement of May elections comes more than 15 years after Palestine's last polls.

Saudi Arabia ‘ignoring’ Israel for leaking secret Netanyahu-MbS meeting

16 January, 2021

Riyadh is still angry with Israel for leaking reports on a secret meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Neom last year.

Kuwaiti newspaper apologies for using 'Israel'

16 January, 2021

Al-Qabas newpaper in Kuwait issues apology for using the word 'Israel', instead of the term 'Zionist entity'.

Outgoing Trump fetes Morocco king, rallies behind claim

16 January, 2021

US President Donald Trump awarded Morocco's king in a last-minute push to solidify Rabat's normalisation with Israel.

Abbas announces long-awaited Palestinian elections

15 January, 2021

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas announced dates for the first Palestinian elections in more than 15 years.

Why Israel and Turkey could reset fraught relations

15 January, 2021

Analysis: With rapid changes in the Middle East amid a fluid geopolitical landscape, Turkey could be poised to mend ties with Israel.

Trump adds Israel to CENTCOM to increase Iran pressure

15 January, 2021

In one of his final acts as president, Donald Trump has moved Israel from the US European military command to the Central Command (CENTCOM).

Moroccan man's 'terror' death sentence commuted: lawyer

15 January, 2021

A Moroccan man stripped of his Danish citizenship had his death sentence over terrorism charges commuted to 25 years in jail.

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