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As I Want: The abused survivors of Egypt's revolution

09 April, 2021

Film Review: Premiered in the 2021 Berlin Film Festival, Samaher Al Qadi's latest feature, a biographical documentary, explores the series of sexual assaults that occurred throughout Egypt's 2013 uprisings.

The future of learning Arabic in MENA post-pandemic

08 April, 2021

Sarah Markiewicz unravels the beloved diversity of learning Arabic, its regional varieties, and how recent events in the region have thrust technology into the heart of its pedagogical application.

UAE's Etihad airlines launches direct flights to Israel

08 April, 2021

The Abu Dhabi-based airline is the latest to provide direct flights between the two countries, which normalised ties last year.

Polisario says police chief killed in Western Sahara

07 April, 2021

The Polisario Front said its police chief was killed in the disputed Western Sahara region.

French-Algerian actor angers Moroccans with comments on women

06 April, 2021

French-Algerian actor Bouhlel Brahim and two others have caused outrage in Morocco with disparaging comments about women and children.

Polisario demands UN seat, blasts France and Spain

05 April, 2021

Western Sahara's foreign minister criticises France and Spain for its position towards the territory's wanted independence.

US climate envoy attends UAE Climate Dialogue

05 April, 2021

The United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate attended the regional climate dialogue, where MENA countries re-committed to the Paris Agreement.

Watchdog urges Morocco to release jailed W Sahara journalist

02 April, 2021

Moroccan authorities are being urged to free Mohamed Lamine Haddi, who has reportedly been force fed in prison.

Saudi-Israeli ties would bring region 'tremendous benefit': FM

02 April, 2021

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said normalisation with Israel would depend on 'progress with the peace process'.

Silence Is a Sense: War, migration, trauma and healing

02 April, 2021

Book Club: Silence Is a Sense is a poignant and profound story of a Syrian refugee left so traumatised by war and migration that she no longer speaks.

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