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Anxious Muslims anticipate Hajj cancellation as Covid-19 spikes

16 June, 2020

Saudi Arabia is expected to either largely scale back or cancel the annual pilgrimage as coronavirus cases spike worldwide.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

13 June, 2020

Morocco is set to ease restrictive lockdown measures, while an eruption of Covid-19-like symptoms in Darfur raises fears of a spread in refugee camps.

Fears grow for Egypt's political prisoners as Covid-19 surges

11 June, 2020

Fears grow for political prisoners in Egypt's jails as Covid-19 spreads amid deplorable conditions.

Morocco partners with Germany over green hydrogen

11 June, 2020

The North African country is set to transform its green energy capabilities in partnership with Berlin.

Morocco diplomat leaves Algeria over 'enemy' remarks

09 June, 2020

"The consul of Morocco has left the country at Algeria's request," spokesman Mohand Oussaid Belaid said.

For Italy's Muslims, lack of burial space deepens grief

09 June, 2020

Compounding the pain for the religious minority has been the grim reality of a lack of space to bury their dead.

Morocco artisans fear 'knockout punch' from coronavirus

07 June, 2020

Moroccan artists are worried that the Covid-19 pandemic can ruin their businesses.

Danish 'crime boss' Amir Mekky arrested in Dubai

05 June, 2020

A Danish citizen allegedly involved in gang-related crime that span from Denmark to Spain has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates.

Jordan's independent music scene turns crisis into opportunity

04 June, 2020

Independent artists in Jordan are finding ways to overcome the challenges of lockdown as coronavirus wreaks havoc on the global music industry.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Positive stories of resilience and bravery

31 May, 2020

Top five stories highlighting the Middle East's resilience in the face of the novel coronavirus this week.

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