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Revolt Against the Sun: When the political is personal

29 December, 2020

Book Club: Nazik al-Mala'ika was one of the most important Arab poets of the twentieth century. Revolt Against the Sun presents her key works in English for the first time.

Palestine in 2020: Reflections on a turbulent year

29 December, 2020

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 saw the further erosion of Palestinian rights.

Moroccan lawyers mobilise to stop deal with Israel

29 December, 2020

Taking to the Supreme Court, a group of local lawyers 'demanded a reversal' of Morocco’s normalisation deal with Israel.

Moroccan team in Israel to establish liaison office: source

28 December, 2020

The Morccan "technical" team are in Israel for a few days, to be followed by a larger delegation at an unspecified later date, a source told AFP.

Moroccan officials to fly to Israel next week

27 December, 2020

Israel is expecting to host a Moroccan delegation for talks on opening embassies early next week, reports said.

Erdogan says Turkey wants better relationship with Israel

26 December, 2020

Israel's treatment of the Palestinians remains a 'red line', however.

Netanyahu invites Moroccan king to visit Israel

26 December, 2020

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has invited Moroccan King Mohammed VI to visit Israel following a "friendly" telephone call.

Moroccan journalist appears in court on spy charges

25 December, 2020

Omar Radi professed his innocence and said his foreign dealings under investigation were "purely professional and connected to his work as a journalist", his lawyer said.

US opens 'virtual' presence in Western Sahara

25 December, 2020

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the "virtual presence post" will be managed the US Embassy in Rabat, followed soon by a "fully functioning consulate".

Algeria's largest Islamist party slams Morocco PM as 'traitor'

24 December, 2020

The head of Algeria's largest Islamist party branded Morocco's prime minister a 'zionist' after the kingdom's normalisation deal with Israel.

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