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Stranded Moroccan citizens repatriated from Spanish-run enclave of Melilla

16 May, 2020

Two hundred Moroccan citizens, trapped in the disputed Spanish-run enclave of Melilla by the coronavirus pandemic, have made their way home to Morocco.

INSAF: Helping Morocco's most vulnerable survive the coronavirus lockdown

15 May, 2020

The New Arab's series 'Together Against Coronavirus' looks at how NGOs in the Middle East and beyond are tackling Covid-19.

Algeria summons Morocco envoy over 'enemy' remarks

14 May, 2020

Algeria has responded to a video clip allegedly showing a Moroccan diplomat calling Algeria an "enemy" country, reviving long-standing tensions between the two nations.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

14 May, 2020

Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco are trapped by coronavirus and poverty and Iran reopens mosques for holy Ramadan nights despite Covid-19. Here are your top stories for today.

Morocco, Tunisia arrest female bloggers over social media jokes

14 May, 2020

Rights groups are concerned with the way some North African countries are controlling citizens during Covid-19 lockdown.

Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco trapped by virus and poverty

14 May, 2020

Sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco grapple with worsening living conditions amid the kingdom's Covid-19 restrictions.

Coronavirus cases near Sahrawi refugee camps prompt outbreak fears

10 May, 2020

Nine Covid-19 cases have been detected in Algeria’s Tindouf province, where tens of thousands of Sahrawi refugees live in camps.

How lockdown is dismantling borders for Arab artists

07 May, 2020

Lockdown is bringing an ironic sense of freedom to artists in the Middle East, with live streams dismantling borders and opening frontiers like never before.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus

06 May, 2020

Egypt eases its lockdown to kickstart its economy, Morocco's increasing use of drones to enforce coronavirus measures raises human rights concerns, and dolphins return to Beirut in today's roundup.

Morocco launches drones to fight coronavirus from the sky

06 May, 2020

Morocco is using imported and locally produced aerial drones to enforce lockdowns and issue warnings amid the coronavirus pandemic, although this has been criticized by human rights officials

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