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The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

01 July, 2020

In Iran, nearly 11,000 have died due to Covid-19, whereas Turkey is urging the EU to include it in the list of 'safe' coronavirus partners.

WHO says Mideast at 'critical threshold' of virus

01 July, 2020

The WHO confirmed on Sunday there were more than one million cases of the COVID-19 disease stretching from Morocco to Pakistan.

Palestinian journalist accused of attempted recruitment for Hezbollah: reports

01 July, 2020

Israel's security agency has accused a Lebanon-based Palestinian journalist of attempting to recruit Palestinian Israelis to join Islamist group Hezbollah.

Turkey urges EU to correct 'mistake' over travel list

01 July, 2020

Turkey has recorded 5,131 deaths since the first reported case of COVID-19 while nearly 200,000 people have been infected, according to health ministry figures on Tuesday.

Morocco investigates journalist after Amnesty claims

25 June, 2020

Omar Radi dismissed the allegations against him as "ridiculous" and told AFP the government was tarnishing Morocco's reputation by attacking anyone who dared to be critical.

Spyware by Israel's NSO used against journalist: Amnesty

22 June, 2020

Amnesty has petitioned an Israeli court to revoke NSO's defence ministry export licence due to multiple hacking allegations.

Morocco reports record spike in coronavirus infections

19 June, 2020

A record outbreak of coronavirus in Morocco has been traced to a strawberry packing plant near Rabat.

An essential reading list on Black Muslim history

18 June, 2020

Book Club: Aisha Yusuff recommends ten books to understand the legacy and contribution of Black Muslims to Islamic history.

Anxious Muslims anticipate Hajj cancellation as Covid-19 spikes

16 June, 2020

Saudi Arabia is expected to either largely scale back or cancel the annual pilgrimage as coronavirus cases spike worldwide.

The Middle East at war with coronavirus: Top stories

13 June, 2020

Morocco is set to ease restrictive lockdown measures, while an eruption of Covid-19-like symptoms in Darfur raises fears of a spread in refugee camps.

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