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Remarkable Muslim women throughout history

07 March, 2021

This International Women's Day, we want to celebrate brave and progressive Muslim women throughout history.

Moroccan historian Monjib launches hunger strike

06 March, 2021

The 60-year-old Maati Monjib launched a hunger strike on Thursday, a statement by his supporters confirmed.

Pope meets top Iraq Shia cleric in interfaith milestone

06 March, 2021

The two elderly, respected men of religion met at Sistani's humble home in the shrine city of Najaf on Saturday, the second day of the first-ever papal visit to Iraq.

Seeking relevance, Trump touts Middle East 'victories' at CPAC

03 March, 2021

In-depth: At this year’s CPAC, Donald Trump boasted of his policy victories in the Middle East, but his erratic legacy is probably more liability than asset for the Biden administration.

Berlin calls in Moroccan ambassador over diplomatic tensions

03 March, 2021

Berlin called in the Moroccan ambassador in Berlin for 'urgent' talks, after Rabat said it had suspended contacts with Germany's embassy.

Ireland to reopen embassy in Iran by 2023

03 March, 2021

The reopening is part of the Global Ireland initiative to increase the country's global impact.

Sonia Nimr's Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands

03 March, 2021

Book Club: Sonia Nimr's fantastical story reads like a series of folktales in which the circles of life come together when the struggle is abandoned.

Jordan says Israeli-Arab deals no substitute for two-state solution

02 March, 2021

Jordan told Israel that normalisation deals cannot replace a two-state solution.

Morocco cuts contacts with German embassy in Western Sahara

02 March, 2021

Morocco has suspended contacts with the German embassy, the foreign minister announced in a letter.

UAE's first ambassador to Israel arrives in Tel Aviv

01 March, 2021

Ambassador Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khajah is scheduled to meet with top Israeli officials including Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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