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Germany's anti-BDS ruling demonises Palestinians for resisting peacefully

23 May, 2019

Comment: The German parliament's motion to brand BDS anti-Semitic is wrong, and a blow to free speech, writes Denijal Jegic.

Promoting Abbas at the expense of Palestine

20 May, 2019

Comment: A booklet of Abbas' quotes doesn't represent Palestinians any more than he does, writes Ramona Wadi

Palestinians protest as Israel Eurovision final kicks off

18 May, 2019

Dozens of demonstrators gathered in Jaffa on Saturday to protest the Israeli Eurovision song contest, as singers from across the world prepared to take part in the final.

Gaza protests cancelled due to high temperatures, Ramadan fast

17 May, 2019

Organisers cancelled the main weekly protests along the Gaza-Israel border on Friday, for only the second time in more than a year.

Hamas 'salutes' Jeremy Corbyn for Palestine solidarity

17 May, 2019

Hamas thanked Jeremy Corbyn for his 'principled position' in opposition to Trump's so-called 'Deal of the Century', and his message of support on Nakba Day.

MbS-aligned Saudi newspaper urges 'surgical strikes' on Iran

16 May, 2019

An editorial in a Saudi newspaper owned by the crown prince's brother calls for ‘decisive, punitive’ airstrikes against Iran, reflecting unwavering Saudi support for the Trump administration's anti-Iran, pro-Israel policies.

Israeli forces injure 65 Palestinians at Nakba protest

15 May, 2019

65 Palestinians were injured, one critically, in a protest on the Israel-Gaza border to mark the anniversary of the Nakba - the forced displacement of Palestinians from their land.

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate to mark Nakba Day

15 May, 2019

Palestinians on Wednesday marked the 71st anniversary of their mass displacement during the 1948 war around Israel's creation with protests across the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Saudi newspaper urges Palestinians to accept Trump peace plan

15 May, 2019

In the piece entitled 'A gleam of hope as we recall the Nakba', the editor-in-chief of Saudi newspaper Arab News urged Palestinians to 'give peace a chance'.

New 'witch hunt' site targeting 'anti-Israel' professors launched

15 May, 2019

A right-wing Israeli NGO previously described as 'fascist' has launched a new Canary Mission-style website to 'expose anti-Israel professors'.

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