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Thousands of Palestinians march in Israel to mark Nakba

09 May, 2019

Thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel marked Nakba Day by marching to the destroyed Palestinian village of Khubbayza near Haifa.

A Woman is No Man: Patriarchy and psychological abuse

09 May, 2019

Book Club: From Birzeit to Brooklyn, Etaf Rum's debut novel is a raw portrayal of generational trauma, reviews Sumaiyya Naseem.

Ceasefire in Gaza after dozens killed in Israeli bombing

06 May, 2019

Palestinian officials announced a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip this morning after 24 Palestinians and four Israelis were killed in the worst fighting for five years.

Palestine solidarity activists must defend the two-state solution

24 April, 2019

Comment: Advocating a one-state or two-state solution is not solely about the technicalities of the end-game, writes Imogen Lambert.

Israeli president begins talks on appointing prime minister

15 April, 2019

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will hold consultations over the next few days with winning parties, ahead of forming Israel's next government.

Talk of Israel's right-wing mustn't eclipse its colonial agenda

08 April, 2019

Comment: In Israel, talk of right and far-right politics has shifted focus away from the perpetual, violent dispossession of Palestinians, writes Ramona Wadi.

Heart/Homeless: A visual expression of Palestinian exile

05 April, 2019

The New Arab Meets: Palestinian-American artist Manal Deeb whose first UK solo show features artwork exploring themes of exile for the artist who longs to return home to Palestine.

My Name is Adam: Tribulations of an unfinished story

03 April, 2019

Book Club: Elias Khoury's novel, My Name is Adam is replete with questions and answers regarding identity, juxtaposed against inscribed recollections of the ethnic cleansing of Lydda.

Remembering the Great Return March protesters killed by Israel

29 March, 2019

March 30 the first anniversary of Gaza's Great Return Marches. Here are the names of the 251 protesters killed by Israel while demanding the right of return.

UN condemns Israel over 'serious violations' against Gaza protesters

19 March, 2019

The United Nations has urged the international community to get involved to prevent Israeli soldiers killing Palestinians as the first anniversary for Great Return March protests near.

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