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Results from 41 to 50 out of 427 about "Nakba"

Israel's blockade had already crippled Gaza, then came Covid-19

05 December, 2020

Comment: Battling Covid-19 requires a health infrastructure that has been destroyed by Israel's occupation and blockade, and yet the international community stands mute, writes Majed Abusalama.

Remembering the Detroit Arab Workers strike for Palestine

29 November, 2020

The Detroit Arab Workers strike won a very important battle in the United Auto Workers divesting from Israeli partners and left a legacy in the war against racism and injustice.

Israeli university encourages students to work with far-right group

19 November, 2020

The university said the right-wing Im Tirtzu meets the criteria required of groups allocated for volunteering.

'We are still here': Documenting Palestine's lost history

05 November, 2020

Tarek Bakri was determined to tell Palestine's history. His work is now one of the largest visual documentation projects tracing personal stories of exile and loss.

Angered Palestinian shoemaker engraves Trump's name on shoes

28 October, 2020

The 57-year-old shoemaker says he wants to put Trump's name on the 'lowest thing' - the shoe.

Arab regimes are falsifying Palestinian history to enable normalisation

20 October, 2020

Comment: A Saudi-Emirati effort is underway to discredit Palestinian narratives of the conflict in favour of Israeli ones in order to pave the way for normalisation, writes Ali Adam.

UNRWA launches new health mobile phone app for Palestinians

14 October, 2020

UNRWA has launched a new mobile phone app which allows Palestinian refugees with non-communicable diseases to access their health records and receive treatment advice.

Gazans 'searching bins for food': UNRWA chief

13 October, 2020

Some Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip are facing such dire circumstances that they are forced to scour bins for food, said UNRWA's head Philippe Lazzarini.

The Hundred Years' War on Palestine

23 September, 2020

Book Club: Rashid Khalidi's masterful book traces a hundred years of colonial war against Palestinians, waged first by the Zionist movement and Israel but backed by Britain and the US.

Haniyeh makes historic trip to Lebanon's largest Palestinian camp

07 September, 2020

Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh was warmly received by Palestinian refugees in the Ein El-Hilweh refugee camp.

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