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Writings on the Wall: Palestinian Oral Histories

29 April, 2020

Book Club: Thomas Suarez has organised a moving collection of oral histories conveying the hopes and humanity of Palestinians living under Israel's seven-decade military occupation.

First Covid-19 case in Lebanon Palestinian refugee camp: UN

22 April, 2020

A Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon has been put on lockdown after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed.

Druze commander to light IDF torch for 'Independence Day'

12 April, 2020

A senior Druze colonel will participate in Israel's so-called Independence Day, Israeli media confirmed.

MBS: The rise to power of Mohammed bin Salman

25 March, 2020

Book Club: Ben Hubbard tells the gripping story of how Saudi Arabia's mercurial ruler rose to power - a prince who would be king.

Birthright trips to Israel cancelled over coronavirus outbreak

09 March, 2020

Birthright trips have stopped as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Palestinian-Israelis beat Netanyahu, delivering stunning results for Arab List

06 March, 2020

In-depth: Thanks to political unity and huge turnout, the Arab Joint List achieved stunning results in Israel's latest election, denying right-wing PM Netanyahu a majority, writes Ben Lynfield from Jerusalem

Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution

03 March, 2020

Book Club: Nadia Yaqub's Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution delves into the political dynamics of Palestinian film.

First hijabi appointed to 'anti-Arab' Israeli police

19 February, 2020

Sabreen Saadi, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, has gone viral after a photo of her in an Israeli police uniform was released.

Squandering the Palestinian right of return

03 February, 2020

Comment: The absence of demands that prioritise the Palestinian right of return as a political right will adversely affect the struggle of all Palestinians, writes Ramona Wadi.

Unravelling the misuse of international law with Noura Erakat

31 January, 2020

The New Arab Meets: Noura Erakat, a Palestinian-American legal scholar, human rights attorney, activist and author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine.

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