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Preserving the memory of the Nakba in Palestinian literature

15 May, 2020

Literature has always been a critical tool in communicating the Palestinian experience of exile and loss.

Remembering 72 years of the Nakba as annexation looms

15 May, 2020

When Palestinians commemorate the Nakba they are not simply remembering a past event. They are marking a continued process of erasure and dispossession.

Erasing Palestinian refugees: Trump and the Nakba at 72

14 May, 2020

Comment: Seventy-two years after the Nakba, Israel and the United States continue to deny the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, writes Dalal Yassine.

Annexation in the shadow of the Nakba

13 May, 2020

Comment: Trump and Netanyahu's plans for annexation build on a legacy of impunity for colonial violence, tacitly approved by the international community, writes Ramona Wadi.

Israel's Independence Day: Abuses against Palestinians continue in Hebron

29 April, 2020

Israeli settlers blocked off private Palestinian land in the occupied city of Hebron to mark Israel's so-called Independence Day.

Five books on Palestine to read during Covid-19 lockdown

29 April, 2020

Book Club: From history, culture, to food, fiction and beyond, here are five brilliant books on the theme of Palestine to discover while on lockdown

Writings on the Wall: Palestinian Oral Histories

29 April, 2020

Book Club: Thomas Suarez has organised a moving collection of oral histories conveying the hopes and humanity of Palestinians living under Israel's seven-decade military occupation.

First Covid-19 case in Lebanon Palestinian refugee camp: UN

22 April, 2020

A Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon has been put on lockdown after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed.

Druze commander to light IDF torch for 'Independence Day'

12 April, 2020

A senior Druze colonel will participate in Israel's so-called Independence Day, Israeli media confirmed.

MBS: The rise to power of Mohammed bin Salman

25 March, 2020

Book Club: Ben Hubbard tells the gripping story of how Saudi Arabia's mercurial ruler rose to power - a prince who would be king.

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