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Oman considers taking financial help from Gulf neighbours

12 June, 2020

Officials in the region revealed that financial aid for Oman was discussed at a 'recent high-level political meeting' between officials from Gulf countries.

Scores arrested in Bangladesh over Libya migrant massacre

10 June, 2020

Twenty-two suspected human traffickers have been arrested in Bangladesh, suspected of links to the deaths of 30 migrants in Libya.

Oman to end ban of expatriates switching jobs

08 June, 2020

Oman's no objection certificate has been a highly controversial practice.

Explainer: Why is Qatar under blockade by Saudi Arabia?

05 June, 2020

Today marks the third anniversary of the Qatar diplomatic crisis, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain still imposing a blockade on Qatar three years later

Taking stock of the anti-Qatar blockade three years later

05 June, 2020

As the Gulf crisis enters its fourth year, fake news and hostile narratives run rife in the region hindering attempts to salvage the GCC's fractured relations.

Divorces rise by nearly a third in Saudi Arabia

03 June, 2020

Divorces are on the rise in Saudi Arabia.

Houthis 'benefit' from Iran, Iraq, Oman relations, official admits

31 May, 2020

A member of Yemen's Houthis' political council said the rebel group benefits from neighbouring Arab and Muslim relations, including Iraq, Iran and Oman.

Kuwaiti influencer launches vile attack on Egyptians

30 May, 2020

Egyptians in Kuwait were dealt a whopping blow this week after an influencer launched a vile attack against what she described as the 'dirtiest community' in the country.

Lebanon arrests Sudanese attempting to 'illegally cross' Israeli border

30 May, 2020

A group of Sudanese men were caught trying to enter Israel through its border with Lebanon, authorities said, the latest in a growing number of attempted crossings.

Qatar says Gulf bloc exit rumours 'baseless'

28 May, 2020

'Reports claiming that Qatar is considering leaving the GCC are wholly incorrect and baseless,' Qatar's assistant foreign minister said.

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