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Saudi normalisation with Israel 'inevitable': Kushner

11 December, 2020

Saudi Arabia will 'inevitably' establish ties with Israel, Jared Kushner said.

Iran, Afghanistan open first rail link

10 December, 2020

Iran and Afghanistan have opened a historic rail link in the hopes of increasing trade between the two countries.

Israel urged to renounce nuclear weapons by UN members

08 December, 2020

The resolution reflected a similar vote which the UNGA voted in favour of in 2019.

US Navy official says 'uneasy deterrence' reached with Iran

06 December, 2020

Vice Admiral Samuel Paparo described having a "healthy respect" for Iran's navy.

Gulf reconciliation 'to take place at annual GCC summit'

06 December, 2020

According to a Kuwaiti diplomat, the reconciliation between members of the GCC will take place at the annual summit.

Saudi minister says allies ‘on board’ in Qatar negotiations

05 December, 2020

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan has said that the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt are all ‘on board’ regarding the resolution of a three-year diplomatic crisis with Qatar.

Gulf nations, US signal progress to resolve Qatar crisis

04 December, 2020

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait said progress had been made towards resolving the Gulf crisis.

Saudi Arabia cancels visit by Israeli official to Riyadh

04 December, 2020

The official who was due to visit Riyadh is thought to have been Mossad chief Yossi Cohen.

Qatar to host FIFA Arab Cup in 2021

25 November, 2020

Qatar, host of World Cup 2022, will be the venue of a special 22-team Arab Cup next year.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard launches aircraft-carrying ship

19 November, 2020

Iran launched a heavy warship Thursday capable of carrying helicopters, drones and missile launchers.

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