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Iran missile accidentally strikes own vessel, killing 19 sailors

11 May, 2020

A missile accidentally struck a support vessel that was sailing too close to a target in a training exercise, the Iranian armed forces said.

Saudi police drag stranded Egyptian who threatened 'repatriation riots'

09 May, 2020

Saudi police this week were filmed dragging a visibly distressed Egyptian man stranded in the kingdom amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

UAE sentences disabled Omani man to life imprisonment

08 May, 2020

A disabled 21-year-old Omani man who was arrested as a teenager was sentenced to life imprisonment in the UAE over alleged links to Qatar.

Foreigners on frontlines of pandemic in Gulf states

07 May, 2020

Healthcare workers from Egypt and South Asia are battling coronavirus in parts of the Gulf.

Saudi Arabia affirms 'Palestinian support' following Israel normalisation backlash

06 May, 2020

Saudi Arabia reiterated its support for the Palestinian cause as Israel verges on annexing the West Bank, following criticism over Riyadh's creeping campaign to normalise ties with Tel Aviv.

Kuwait police disperse 'riot' by Egyptians stranded by virus

04 May, 2020

Stranded Egyptian workers in Kuwait rioted early on Monday over lack of action from Cairo to help them return home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sudanese men caught attempting to 'illegally cross' Israeli border

03 May, 2020

A group of Sudanese men were caught attempting to enter Israel through its border with Lebanon, authorities said on Sunday.

Will Oman preserve the political imagery of Sultan Qaboos?

01 May, 2020

For half a century, Omanis have lived under the spell of a rich and carefully tailored political imagery displayed in public spaces.

'Omanisation' to takeover foreigners' jobs by July 2021

29 April, 2020

Omani nationals should replace foreign staff at jobs across the public sector by July 2021, authorities urged on Wednesday.

Popular Saudi soap attacks 'ungrateful' Palestinians, normalises Israel relations

27 April, 2020

A popular Saudi series being broadcast during the peak Ramadan period has promoted relations with Israel and attacked 'ungrateful' Palestinians.

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