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Pompeo arrives in Israel to press further Gulf normalisation

24 August, 2020

Mike Pompeo met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and discussed the recently announced historic agreement between Israel and the UAE.

Israel 'encouraged' sale of Pegasus spyware to UAE: report

23 August, 2020

Israeli officials helped market and mediate between notorious spyware company NSO and Gulf regimes including UAE and Saudi Arabia, where it has been used to crack down on peaceful dissidents

Pompeo, Kushner to visit Middle East to discuss normalisation

23 August, 2020

Pompeo and Kushner's upcoming trips to Arab states are aimed at finalising at least one further normalisation deal with Israel, diplomatic sources said.

TNA Voice Podcast: News Digest: UAE sells out Palestine

21 August, 2020

Our podcast bringing you compelling stories from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and beyond.

China's changing oil strategy in the Middle East

20 August, 2020

Chinese oil purchases offered Beijing a sphere of influence in the Middle East, but Covid-19 has upended this once-promising strategy.

Trump expects Saudi Arabia, Iran to join UAE-Israel deal

20 August, 2020

US President Donald Trump said he expects Saudi Arabia and Iran to follow the UAE's footsteps and normalise ties with Israel.

Israeli travel agency inks UAE package holiday deal

19 August, 2020

An Israeli travel agency has signed a deal with the Emirates' Rixos hotels to provide package vacations just days after the two countries agreed to normalise ties.

Mossad chief to head to Bahrain after UAE visit

19 August, 2020

The Israeli spymaster will meet with officials in Bahrain, which is thought to be considering normalising ties with Israel.

Alcohol rules again loosen as Dubai seeks economic recovery

19 August, 2020

Alcohol sales have long served as a major barometer of the economy of Dubai, a top travel destination in the UAE.

Sudan says 'looking forward' to normalising ties with Israel

18 August, 2020

Speculation is rife that Sudan could be the next state in the region to declare normalised relations with Israel after the UAE.

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