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Saudi Arabia ‘ignoring’ Israel for leaking secret Netanyahu-MbS meeting

16 January, 2021

Riyadh is still angry with Israel for leaking reports on a secret meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Neom last year.

Iranian Guard holds anti-warship ballistic missile drill

16 January, 2021

The Revolutionary Guards launched the missiles at a simulated target in the Indian Ocean.

Iran tests missiles under 'watch' of US nuclear sub

15 January, 2021

Helicopter footage of the exercise released by Iran’s navy showed what resembled an Ohio-class guided-missile submarine.

Oman to see fastest economic growth in MENA region

14 January, 2021

Oman is set to be one of the countries to see the swiftest economic recovery from the Covid-19 epidemic.

Oman sultan names heir among major constitutional changes

13 January, 2021

Oman Sultan Haithem has named his son as her heir, among a long list of changes to the constitution.

Iran holds missile drill in Gulf of Oman

13 January, 2021

Iran unveiled two new domestically made warships in the two-day drill, the missile-launching Zereh and the Makran, the country's largest military ship.

Oman gets its first crown prince under new laws

11 January, 2021

Oman's sultan announced on Monday a constitutional shakeup that includes the appointment of a crown prince for the first time and new rules on how parliament will work.

UAE wants relations with Turkey, senior official says

11 January, 2021

The UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said Abu Dhabi wants to normalise relations with Turkey.

Biden taps William Burns as CIA chief

11 January, 2021

William Burns had been considered a likely candidate to lead the State Department under President-elect Joe Biden, given his deep experience with Iran.

Qatar will not change relations with Iran: foreign minister

07 January, 2021

Iran and Qatar relations will not be changed by Doha's recent reconciliation agreement with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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