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Oil slumps to lowest level since 2016

16 March, 2020

Oil prices have plunged further as global consumption shrinks.

Bahraini woman becomes first coronavirus death in GCC

16 March, 2020

A Bahraini woman on Monday has died from the novel coronavirus.

Oman to ban single-use plastic bags from next year

15 March, 2020

Oman follows in the steps of Tunisia and Emirati capital Abu Dhabi.

OPEC predicts virtually no growth this year

12 March, 2020

OPEC has predicted a year-long slump as coronavirus continues to affect global markets.

Coronavirus: Oman's tourism sector takes a hit

12 March, 2020

Amid growing concerns over the impact of an oil crash on Oman’s state budget, tourism professionals fear ship tourism could crumble as coronavirus spreads across the Gulf.

Gulf countries ban Pixar film over minor LGBTQ reference

10 March, 2020

The film was banned in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia over a brief reference to a character's same-sex partner.

Gulf states enforce further travel restrictions in coronavirus battle

09 March, 2020

Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia are other countries are restricting travel due to coronavirus fears.

Gulf shares slump after OPEC disagrees on virus response

08 March, 2020

Stock markets across the Gulf suffered sharp drops in early trading Sunday amid a failure by OPEC and allied nations to cut production.

Arab Gulf countries are winning the battle against coronavirus

06 March, 2020

In-depth: Swift measures have allowed the Gulf states to keep a lid on the coronavirus spreading in their countries, as neighbouring Iran failed the containment test due to poor governance.

Oman bars visitors from 'coronavirus countries'

03 March, 2020

Oman has become the latest country to impose travel restrictions aid mounting global anxiety over the COVID-19 virus.

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