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We need to talk about Seth Rogen

07 August, 2020

Comment: Most Jewish-Americans, like Seth Rogen, are still only awakening to the moral and political ramifications of Israel's settler-colonial project, writes Josh Ruebner.

Biden 'removed condemnation of Israeli occupation from campaign'

07 August, 2020

Biden allegedly told his advisors not to include “any reference to Israeli occupation” into a draft of his campaign’s platform days before it was released on July 15.

Pro-Palestine candidate Cori Bush wins US congress primary

07 August, 2020

Cori Bush earned a reputation as a fierce activist on the streets against police brutality in Missouri, and she made headlines for supporting the Palestinian cause.

World Bank intends to help fund Beirut after explosion

06 August, 2020

The World Bank has offered to look into ways of aiding Lebanon as the country sinks further into financial crisis.

Palestinian novelist Huzama Habayeb on literature, memory and displacement

05 August, 2020

The New Arab Meets: Huzama Habayeb, an award-winning Palestinian novelist who explores the relationship between exile and nostalgia in her groundbreaking work.

Netanyahu: West Bank annexation plans 'in Washington'

04 August, 2020

A month has passed since Netanyahu's planned annexation of the West Bank.

PLO urges EU to act against Israel's settlements construction

02 August, 2020

The PLO has urged action against Israel to stop constructing settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.

MSF has a flaw its white saviours can't solve

31 July, 2020

Comment: The functioning of MSF and other humanitarian organisations is inherently racist. Whether or not it can shed its colonial attitudes will define this watershed moment, writes Yazan Al-Saadi.

The painstaking hunt for Assad's henchmen in Europe

30 July, 2020

Former regime officials accused of war crimes are living across Europe, but Syrian activists and the German judiciary are working tirelessly to bring them to justice.

Desperate and trapped, Gaza's youth turn to suicide

29 July, 2020

Amid growing desperation, Gaza is in the grip of a suicide crisis.

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