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Israeli PM: Killing of Palestinian with autism a 'tragedy'

07 June, 2020

The premier made his first remarks since Israeli forces in Jerusalem's Old City shot and killed Iyad Hallak last week.

Killing of Palestinian man with autism draws Floyd parallel

04 June, 2020

The shooting has prompted a series of small demonstrations against police violence towards Palestinians. Yet for his family, such gestures have provided little hope justice will be served.

Israeli police shoot man after alleged stabbing attempt

25 May, 2020

Authorities claimed the unidentified man attempted to stab a police officer in east Jerusalem.

'Israeli settler' stabs Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem

18 May, 2020

A Palestinian teenager was left with neck injuries after a knife attack in East Jerusalem, as tensions continue to flare ahead of Israel's planned annexation of the West Bank.

Israel demolishes home of alleged Palestinian attacker

11 May, 2020

Israel demolishes family homes of Palestinian suspects under the guise of "deterring violence". Critics say the tactic amounts to collective punishment.

US Appeals Court rejects $900m lawsuit against Palestinian Authority

04 May, 2020

A case brought forward by US victims of a 2002 suicide bombing in the West Bank seeking $900 million in damages from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation has been dropped.

Israeli police: Palestinian shot dead after checkpoint 'stabbing attack’

22 April, 2020

Israeli authorities did not name the Palestinian man who was shot dead in the alleged tab attack.

UK's coronavirus response forces most vulnerable to shoulder burden

08 April, 2020

Comment: UK communities of colour are propping up the stay-at-home privileged class, and putting themselves at risk in the process, writes Malia Bouattia.

The Caravan: Azzam and the Rise of Global Jihad

12 February, 2020

Book Club: Thomas Hegghammer details the life of Palestinian scholar Abdallah Azzam, who is seen as the founding father of global jihad.

Eight injured in stabbing attack at Jordan tourist site

06 November, 2019

Four tourists, as well as a Jordanian tour guide and a security officer who tried to stop the assailant, were injured in northern Jordan during a knife attack.

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