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Saudi attacker on US base had longstanding al-Qaeda ties

18 May, 2020

The Saudi student who killed three Americans at a US naval base had longstanding ties to Al-Qaeda and planned an attack before he arrived in the US, justice officials said.

FBI finds links between Saudi Pensacola gunman and al-Qaida

18 May, 2020

A Saudi military student planned a deadly attack on a US naval base before arriving in the United States, the FBI said.

Trump confirms killing of al-Qaeda leader in Yemen

07 February, 2020

Qassim al-Rimi, the leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has been confirmed dead by US President Donald Trump.

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for US military base attack

03 February, 2020

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed responsibility for a December shooting at a US naval base in which a Saudi officer killed three sailors.

Apple clashes with US government over Pensacola shooter’s phones

16 January, 2020

Apple is engaged in a conflict with the US government over its refusal to unlock the Pensacola gunman's phones, citing security concerns of its customers.

More than 20 Saudi cadets deported from US

13 January, 2020

The US has ordered out of the country over 20 Saudi students.

US to expel Saudi military trainees over 'extremist links'

12 January, 2020

At least 12 Saudi military students in the US will be expelled from their programme after being accused of extremist links and possession of child porn.

US finds no 'immediate threat' in training of Saudis

20 December, 2019

Defense Department officials had announced a security review following the deadly attack, halting operational training for Saudi Arabian military students in the United States.

Saudi student who had 'kill list' held in custody

18 December, 2019

Hassan Alqahtani was arrested on Friday, a day before his graduation, on a firearms charge. In August, the FBI recieved a tip-off that he had mental a "kill list".

Extreme inequality will fuel Middle East turmoil and uncertainty

17 December, 2019

Comment: The regimes' inability and unwillingness to address their peoples' legitimate demands is leading the region to more turmoil and uncertainty, writes Emile Nakhleh.

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