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US expresses cautious hope for easing of Qatar blockade

10 September, 2020

A US official has said that a three-year blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt against Qatar could be eased in ‘a matter of weeks’.

Lawrence of Arabia’s home restored as tourist attraction

09 September, 2020

TE Lawrence's Red Sea home is being renovated and turned into a tourist attraction.

Lebanon introduces new labour rights for domestic workers

09 September, 2020

Lebanon has made important labour law changes but human rights say that more must be done.

Egypt to stop issuing commercial permits to 'successful' Syrians

09 September, 2020

Egypt has accused the Syrian refugee community of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar after their many found successes in business.

Afghanistan VP lightly wounded in deadly Kabul blast

09 September, 2020

The attack in the capital Kabul was quickly condemned as an attempt to frustrate the country's ongoing peace process.

Experts: Libya rivals UAE, Russia, Turkey violate UN embargo

09 September, 2020

The new report follows a warning last week from the top UN official for Libya that the oil-rich country is at 'a decisive turning point'.

Taliban say team in Qatar for Afghan peace talks

08 September, 2020

A Taliban delegation has arrived in Qatar for long-anticipated Afghanistan peace talks.

Qatar to send emergency aid to flood-stricken Sudan

07 September, 2020

Emergency Qatari aid will be sent to Sudan, authorities announced on Sunday, as the flood-stricken country was declared a natural disaster zone.

Saudi Arabia committed to 'fair solution' for Palestinians

07 September, 2020

The comments follow the UAE's controversial normalisation deal with Israel.

Rival Libya administrations to meet in Morocco: source

06 September, 2020

Reluctance from both sides to announce the meeting is due to preconditions they have set for the talks, sources say.

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