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Rabbi for GCC Jewish community prays for MbS

26 February, 2021

"We are pleased to join our wishes for these prayers, calling for his full health and wellness," the Israel in Arabic account tweeted.

Emirati academic suggests 'conditional' end to Qatari media block

25 February, 2021

An Emirati academic suggested an end to the block on Qatari media outlets, but said that monitoring should continue.

Twitter and India play tug-of-war with democracy

24 February, 2021

Comment: In India, an increasingly authoritarian government combined with Twitter's willingness to put stakeholders before users raises questions over freedom of speech, writes Jillian C. York.

Al Jazeera to launch conservative US platform 'Rightly'

24 February, 2021

Qatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera will launch a centre-right news platform in the United States.

UAE, Qatar officials hold first meeting since Gulf dispute

22 February, 2021

An official delegation from Qatar and the UAE arrived in Kuwait to discuss developments of the Al-Ula agreement, which marked the restoration of diplomatic, trade and travel ties with Qatar.

Officials: Roadside bombs in Afghanistan kill 3, wound 20

21 February, 2021

Afghanistan has seen a spike in violence as peace negotiations in Qatar between the Taliban and the Afghan government have stalled.

Hariri meets Qatari emir during visit to Doha

18 February, 2021

Lebanon’s Prime Minister designate met with Qatar’s Emir during a two day visit to the Gulf country.

NATO chief urges peace talks

18 February, 2021

Jens Stoltenberg has called for further peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government.

Bombing kills two Kabul University lecturers: Afghan official

18 February, 2021

An explosion has killed two lecturers in Kabul, but no group has claimed responsibility.

Bangladesh orders Al Jazeera documentary be scrubbed from web

17 February, 2021

Bangladesh's high court ordered the country's telco regulator to 'remove or take down Al Jazeera's documentary'.

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