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What's driving the thaw in Egypt-Turkey relations?

16 March, 2021

Analysis: The door is potentially open to a new chapter in Egypt-Turkey relations following nearly eight years of tense ties between the two regional powers.

Taliban to attend Afghan peace talks in Moscow

15 March, 2021

Senior members of the Taliban will attend talks with the Kabul government in Moscow this week to discuss the future of war-ravaged Afghanistan, the insurgent group said.

First woman elected to Hamas political bureau in Gaza

15 March, 2021

Jamila Al-Shantee became the 'first woman elected' to the Hamas political bureau in Gaza after internal elections

Egypt: Turkish 'words not enough' to restore full ties

14 March, 2021

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry acknowledged that diplomatic contact had been established with Turkey but warned full ties would depend on "a real change in Turkish policy", state media reported.

Footballer Aboutrika to remain on Egyptian ‘terror’ list

13 March, 2021

Egypt's government has accused the iconic footballer of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which Aboutrika denies.

Afghan bomb kills 8, UN slams high civilian deaths

13 March, 2021

No one has claimed responsibility for the car bombing in western Afghanistan, which killed at least eight people and injured 47.

Russia backs plans for Afghanistan interim rule with Taliban

12 March, 2021

Russia said it backed the Taliban's integration into a future interim government in Afghanistan as pressure piles for an end to the war.

Turkey plans to host Afghan peace talks in April

12 March, 2021

Turkey plans to host an Afghan peace conference in Istanbul in April, ahead of a deadline for a US troop withdrawal.

Qatar, Russia, and Turkey announce new Syria peace initiative

11 March, 2021

Sergey Lavrov is engaged in a tour of the Gulf, visiting key regional leaders.

Hamas official: Hamas' Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar re-elected

10 March, 2021

Yahya Sinwar has been elected as the head of Hamas' political wing and will serve another four years.

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