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Israel and UAE 'collaborating to eliminate UNRWA': report

27 December, 2020

Israel and the UAE are working on a plan to eliminate UNRWA, the troubled UN agency tasked with helping Palestinian refugees, a Le Monde report has said.

At least 4 dead in Kabul explosions targeting police

26 December, 2020

Four others were wounded in the blasts in Afghanistan's capital on Saturday morning.

Haftar threatens to target Turkish forces in Libya

25 December, 2020

Khalifa Haftar said Turkey, who extended its Libya troop deployment by 18 months on Tuesday, had one of two choices: "to leave peacefully or be driven out by force".

Bahrain violated Qatar's airspace with military jets, Doha says

24 December, 2020

Qatar sent a letter to the UN Security Council saying Bahrain violated its airspace with military jets four times.

Kuwait starts Covid-19 jabs as Gulf begins mass vaccinations

24 December, 2020

Kuwait's prime minister was the first person in the small Gulf nation to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Bahrain urges end to regional disputes before Gulf summit

23 December, 2020

The softened rhetoric surrounding the three-year dispute comes amid Riyadh-led efforts to resolve the crisis.

UN: Mladenov turns down offer to lead UN mission

23 December, 2020

Nickolay Mladenov, who will be stepping down as Middle East peace envoy, has decided not to replace Ghassan Salame as head of UN mission in Libya.

'Abusive texts' sparked discovery of suspected UAE-Saudi Aljazeera hack

22 December, 2020

Al Jazeera’s IT team, who also examined the phone, found the same spyware on the phones of 35 other staff members.

Tech giants join Facebook lawsuit against Israeli spyware company

22 December, 2020

Tech giants including Microsoft and Google have described NSO's spyware tools, revealed on Monday for their involvement in the hacking of Al-Jazeera journalists, as "powerful and dangerous".

Qatar, Oman approve Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, prepare for shipments

21 December, 2020

Qatar is expected to recieve its first shipment of the shot on Monday, eligible to those aged 16 and above in the oil-rich gulf country.

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