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Russia's Lavrov begins Middle East tour with UAE meeting

10 March, 2021

Russia's foreign minister is embarking on a tour of the Gulf meeting key figures.

Saudi crown prince meets regional leaders to affirm ties

09 March, 2021

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Jordan's King Abdullah and Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad in Riyadh.

Russia to host another round of talks on Afghanistan

09 March, 2021

Russia is set to host Afghanistan peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, with representatives from the US, China and Pakistan.

Hamas to pick new Gaza chief this week

09 March, 2021

Hamas is set to elect a new head of their Gaza political branch, a role currently filled by Yahya Sinwar.

Qatar, Egypt discuss bilateral cooperation in Cairo

09 March, 2021

The Qatari delegation's visit is reportedly a prelude to a full restoration of diplomatic ties in the 'next phase'.

What lies in store for US-Saudi ties?

09 March, 2021

Analysis: Biden has softened his tough campaign rhetoric since entering office as the US negotiates its future relationship with Saudi Arabia.

UN official to visit Qatar for crucial Afghan meetings

09 March, 2021

Meetings between the UN's envoy for Afghanistan and representatives of the main players in Kabul's stagnant peace process will determine the future of those talks.

Syria's opposition a 'disappointment' a decade after war

09 March, 2021

After 10 years of brutal conflict the opposition forces are facing the reality of a failed movement that was unable to unseat Bashar Al-Assad.

Turkey 'opens political arms' to Egypt, Gulf

08 March, 2021

A new interview shows a shift in Turkey's policy towards Arab nations, indicating an attempt to strengthen the line of communication.

Taliban says it met US envoy in Qatar

06 March, 2021

The US envoy to Afghanistan has proposed a grand conference as peace talks continue to stagnate.

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